2011 Instructor Bios

Instructors for 2011

Our instructors for the 2011 Clarion West Writers Workshop are Paul Park, Nancy Kress, Margo Lanagan, Minister Faust, L. Timmel Duchamp, and Charles Stross, the 2011 Susan C. Petrey Fellow.

Photo of Paul Park Paul Park's multilayered, surreal fiction uses familiar archetypes in unfamiliar ways to convey the depth and variety of human experience. He’s the author of the story collection If Lions Could Speak and ten novels, including Soldiers of Paradise, Celestis, and his acclaimed Tourmaline Quartet. His creative daring has won the praise of major writers and critics. He is an inspired teacher: incisive and inimitable.
Photo of Nancy Kress Nancy Kress writes compellingly of human problems and scientific solutions. She has published twenty novels, including the Probability Moon series and the landmark Beggars in Spain, and four story collections. Her work has received two Hugo awards and four Nebulas. The author of three books on the nuts and bolts of writing, Kress is a frequent and popular Clarion West instructor.
Photo of Margo Lanagan Margo Lanagan evokes beauty and brutality with deceptively simple depictions of life’s plain-faced secrets. Her story collection Black Juice received two World Fantasy awards; she also won World Fantasy awards for her novel Tender Morsels and her novella “Sea-hearts.” A Clarion West alumna known in her native Australia as a writer for young adults, Lanagan tells her tales to the storyseeker in all of us.
Photo of Minister Faust Minister Faust's satires explore issues of social justice and racism via madly skewed genre tropes. Faust overflows with alternate media wisdom: he has been a performance poet, a radio host, and a game scriptwriter. His first novel was Philip K. Dick Award nominee The Coyote Kings of the Space-Age Bachelor Pad and his second, From the Notebooks of Dr. Brain, won the Carl Brandon Society’s Kindred Award.
Photo of L. Timmel Duchamp L. Timmel Duchamp gave the science fiction world a galvanic shock when she founded Aqueduct Press, publisher of challenging feminist SF books. In addition to acting as Aqueduct’s senior editor she writes passionate stories and paradigm-discomfiting critical essays. Duchamp’s insightful analyses help writers at any stage of their careers improve. Her five-volume Marq’ssan Cycle received a James Tiptree, Jr. special citation.
Photo of Charles Stross Charles Stross hit the 21st century running, publishing fifteen novels in seven years: technologically informed, brilliantly executed thrillers that take social and economic extrapolation to new levels. Six have been nominated for the Hugo Award, and two novellas--“The Concrete Jungle” and “Palimpsest”--won the Hugo. Prolific, imaginative, outspoken, Stross is one of the decade’s most exciting writers and the 2011 Susan C. Petrey Fellow.

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Photograph of Paul Park © 2008 Leslie Howle; used with permission. Photograph of Nancy Kress © 2009 Leslie Howle Photograph of Margo Lanagan © 2006 Steven Dunbar; used with permission. Photograph of Minister Faust © 2008 Malcolm Azania; used with permission. Photograph of L. Timmel Duchamp © 2010 Leslie Howle; used with permission. Photograph of Charles Stross © 2008 Leslie Howle; used with permission.