What It Is: Hold your horses: the raciest thing about Softporn Adventure is probably its cover--though it warns players that it's for adults only, the game is probably a PG-13 at best. Nevertheless, bootleg copies spread like wildfire, and the 1981 Apple II text adventure game challenging a loser to seduce three women became a major hit. According to On-Line Systems (later known as Sierra) founder Ken Williams, the game sold 25,000 copies. To put it in perspective, Apple had sold 100,000 Apple II computers by the time the game came out--that would be like an easily bootlegged Xbox 360 game selling 10 million copies today. You can play it for free here.

Why It Is Neato:
According to a 1981 interview with Time magazine, On-Line supposedly had a version for straight women in development.

Why Else It Is Neato: If the text-based game seems familiar, you might be a Leisure Suit Larry fan. Yep, the first ever Larry game, Leisure Suit Larry in the Land of the Lounge Lizards, is basically a complete copy of Softporn Adventure with added graphics.