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Kim Kardashian to Kollaborate with Kanye West on Music Video

Ashton Kutcher says he's in training for the Apocalypse. With that, and the following news, in mind, we have a message for the actor: step it up. The End of Days is nearly upon us...

Multiple sources confirm that Kim Kardashian really will release a music video in the near future, and Kanye West will play a key role in it!

Up Klose with KimKanye in NYC

TMZ reports the video was shot in Los Angeles on December 28, while Kim Tweeted the following on that date: “OMG u guys have no idea what I’m doing today! You are gonna DIE!!!!”

In October, Kim and Kanye were spotted together on multiple occasions. We assumed they were dating. But now we know better.

Or worse, we should say. Now we know much, much worse.

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  1. Kakuru ibrah

    Kim am abig fan of yours...every time i see yo pics it knocks me down...and i like kanye bcoz am ahiphop am dying to see this video...we are waiting here down in UGANDA..lov u kim.

  2. jealous much?
    Rank: D-Lister

    Lame. Just to know she's in the video makes me not want to watch it

  3. sara

    they need to date because they always together

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