FOX affiliate in Seattle: Northwest sees 35% infant mortality spike post-Fukushima

Northwest sees 35% infant mortality spike post-Fukushima, KCPQ FOX News, June 17, 2011:

Medical professionals publish report highlighting post-Fukushima mortality spike.

Physician Janette Sherman, M.D. and epidemiologist Joseph Mangano published a report Monday highlighting a 35% spike in northwest infant mortality after Japan’s nuclear meltdown.

The report spotlighted data from the CDC’s Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report on infant mortality rates in eight northwest cities, including Seattle, in the 10 weeks after Fukushima’s nuclear meltdown. [...]

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37 comments to FOX affiliate in Seattle: Northwest sees 35% infant mortality spike post-Fukushima

  • Whoopie

    Are you kidding me – I’m starting to LIKE FOX NEWS?!?! Dang…good for them reporting the TRUTH!

    • Sometimes FOX is the only MSM to report on issues that the likes of CNN will not touch (a consistent trend over many years). Note that I am not a “Republican” (FOX) or a “Democrat” (CNN) supporter, nor have I ever been a supporter of any “left” or “right” political parties (or TV stations!) in my entire life.

      All of this polarisation in global politics (as well as mainstream media) has been intentionally created by the rulers as an obvious “divide and conquer” tactic. When people continue on with petty arguments about the validity of “Republican” or “Democrat” policies (that are in fact the SAME policies dictated by the SAME global rulers) it is a massive distraction (and energy drain) from us all dealing with the real issues.

      These real issues especially include the fact that a dominant group of genocidal global rulers are ever more quickly destroying the planet (and killing ever greater numbers of people, through wars and nuclear technology and the rest!) while ever more quickly putting in place obvious totalitarian controls in the most technologically advanced countries on Earth.

      The pair of FOX and CNN are in reality two sides of the one “mainstream media” coin, just as the “Republicans” and “Democrats” are two wings of the one psychotic and murderous “eagle” (not meaning any offense to the majestic birds themselves!) of the US government/military.

      Wherever any truth comes out it is good, but it is almost certain that the global rulers have ulterior motives in “allowing” this story to come out on a FOX (MSM) affiliate at this exact time. Perhaps the PTB are going to start working the “panic” factor more obviously over the coming days and weeks, given that the real news about Fukushima is now getting out to a wider and wider number of people.

      See for a comment about this specific possibility.

  • Prof. Neutron

    Sherman and Mangano have cherry-picked their statistics to make it appear that there is a post-Fukushima increase in infant mortality. They just used the four weeks prior to Fukushima, because those four weeks had a downward fluctuation in infant mortality relative to the running average. If you look at the data from the whole year up to Fukushima and after Fukushima, the rate of infant mortality barely changes at all.

    So, alas, this is not the truth. It’s lying with statistics.

    • Whoopie

      Thanks for that clarification.

    • kx

      well also read about some medical associations saying their peer review was good. and it was a nuclear industry move to discredit then, some1 with doubts do the search and post the link. no time here

      • kx

        either way, the infant abnormalities will be visible in 5.5 months for a period of at least 3 months.

        unless some1 rig the numbers or radiation is good for health after all.

    • sorry charlie

      Could you provide a link to those stats?

    • fuckyoushima

      it is neither.

      give it another year; drawing conclusions immediately after initially being presented a statement and some putative evidence is foolhardy.

      • Prof. Neutron

        It’s true that this statistical chicanery was revealed by pro-nuclear people trying to discredit Sherman and Mangano:

        One could do even better by comparing the post-Fukushima data with the previous whole year or something, but I have not dug out the data to do that myself.

        Anyway the problem is that the facts are the facts, regardless of who quotes them, and the fact is that Sherman and Mangano made a choice to exclude data that did not agree with the conclusion they wanted to draw. That’s just wrong, no matter what.

        It’s entirely possible that if hot particles and Cs-134/137 fallout are being ingested/inhaled in the US, there is or will be a rise in infant mortality, and other health effects. We need to carefully monitor and look for that. In Japan it will be far worse, and there is where we will see the largest effects of this horror.

        • Joviation

          The second item in this Counterpunch article [not a pro-nuke mouthpiece] discusses the data manipulation. They had their own statistician “Pierre Sprey” review the selected set, and expand it.

          “Sprey reviewed the data and confirmed that if you accept the sample cities that Sherman and Mangano picked, and also if you accept comparing 4 weeks before the March 11 Fukushima disaster and 10 weeks afterwards, then Sherman and Mangano’s calculations are valid.

          One of the CounterPunch critics pointed out that using four weeks before and ten weeks afterwards “looked like cherry-picking the data.” To overcome this potential bias, Sprey collated the death numbers for the ten week period before, then did the calculations comparing infant deaths for ten weeks before and ten weeks afterwards for the same eight cities. His result was a statistically insignificant difference in deaths per week before and after– an increase of infant deaths of only 2.4 per cent. To further guard against the possibility of some seasonal effect due to comparing a period earlier in the spring with one later in the spring, Sprey also compared the ten weeks after Fukishima with the identical weeks in 2010. He found exactly the same result: a 2.4 per cent increase in infant deaths over the prior year which, given 128 deaths in the ten week sample, is entirely insignificant statistically.

          But then Sprey went further and looked at the Sherman/Mangano selection of eight cities from the 122 reporting to CDC….Sprey elected to look at smaller, geographically consistent groupings of cities. The results were striking.

          Simply by moving the boundary line northward from Santa Cruz Sprey found that the four northernmost Pacific Northwest cities in the CDC sample – Portland, Tacoma, Seattle and Spokane – show remarkably significant results – a larger infant mortality increase than the original Sherman-Mangano results.

          During the ten weeks before March 11 those four cities suffered 55 deaths among infants less than one year old. In the ten weeks after Fukushima 78 infants died – a 42 per cent increase and one that is statistically significant. To confirm once again that these results were not due to seasonality Sprey compared these infant deaths in the ten weeks after Fukushima to the deaths in the equivalent ten weeks a year earlier. The results were almost identical with the ten weeks before Fukushima in 2011. Within the equivalent ten weeks of 2010 53 infants died in these four cities.

          The post-Fukushima deaths are 47 per cent higher than they were in the same period a year before – once again statistically significant. If you add Boisie, Idaho to the four city sample the results remain almost unchanged.”

          • Anthony

            Thank YOU for the clarification.

          • Prof. Neutron

            Thanks for the link – this is clearly a much cleaner statistical analysis than Sherman/Mangano’s, and the effect, comparing with a year ago, is indeed statistically significant. Crap.

        • Undertow

          None of this data is really ideal because they should not present simply the number of deaths per week. They should present the number of deaths per pregnancy per week – or rather, the percentage of pregnancies per week that resulted in a death. There are more pregnancies during certain times of the year, and this would normalize that out. that, and there may have been more or less pregnancies this year compared to last year. If they are going to claim the rate went up then they need to show a _rate_.

          I’m concerned (very personally) about the data, so I’d like to see it presented properly.

        • fuckyoushima


          great chart. appreciated the link.

    • brydie

      Is there any link to their response to this claim? Would be interesting to see what they have to say…..

    • kx

      I bet the infant abnormalities will be visible in 5.5 months for a period of at least 3 months, unless some1 rig the numbers or radiation is good for health after all.

    • TraderGreg

      Your post is not credible – just like the ones before. Post some links to prove. so far, all your posts, have ‘tobacco institute’ quality. You claim to be nuclear scientist, but make definite statements on statistics/medicine.

      I suspect, you are not scientist at all.

      • TraderGreg

        That was comment to Neutron.

        • Prof. Neutron

          TraderGreg, I am a scientist – a physicist – and one of my areas of specialization is statistical data analysis. I teach the subject as well as practice it every day.

          What Sherman and Mangano did is obvious fraud, apparent to anyone, scientist/statistician or not, who sees that they ignored data that did not support their preconceived claim. You just can’t do that.

          The subsequent analysis by Sprey at counterpunch is much more difficult to refute, statistically, as I note above. I hope it’s not true that there is an increase in infant mortality in the Pacific northwest, though, just as a human being.

  • “In comparison, the average rates for the entire U.S. rose only 2.3%.”

    “”ONLY”", they were someones Babies, that word only could have been left out !
    People are starting to sound insensitive to peoples lives here now !

  • Whoopie

    HP Regular:
    The latest Diagram for Reactor #1: (The Fuky Effect)
    Location: Fukushima No. 1 nuclear power plant
    Date: Mar 15, 2011 (Tuesday) – 19 June 2011 (Sun)
    The latest: D / W: 41.9 Sv / h , S / C: .817 Sv / h
    Situation :D efective meter

    Also notice the units that are measured:
    The latest: D / W: 41.9 Sv / h , S / C: .817 Sv / h
    … in milli Sv / h I believe that is:
    D/W: 41.9 and S /C: 817 per hour …

    • Sickputer

      >Whoopie typed these pixels of light:

      Situation [d]efective meter

      SP: So the second day rise for Reactor 1 after the last bottoming out is small compared to the last month’s average second day. Curious. They did show a figure so maybe the defective label is a mistake. If the rise is slowing then it could mean several things to me.

      Conjecture follows so get your BS shield available:

      Maybe the corium lava is deep and well past the concrete floor (probably a good guess now) and burrowing deep. I think it should have hit the water table by now. The Japanese should know this if they had been smart enough to drill some test water wells adjacent to the plant. Aquifer water currents are practically glacier-like in their lateral flow so it takes a while to see lateral movement of toxins. They probably were not that smart but may have some other methods to see the amount of toxins…the man-made island upon which the toxic reactors sit is not a mystery to them by any means for its composition…they built it.

      So continuing…lava migrating laterally in the soil or water table and moving away from the confines/outlines of the Reactor 1 Containment Building Area (or as we now know about nuclear plant safety… the Non-Containment Building Area). The building radiation monitors that may or may not be defective will be missing the upward releases if that has occurred. This was a previous guess (ground water migration) as opposed to a massive China Syndrome steam or nuclear explosion upon the lava striking the water table. So theory assertion… maybe the amounts of water in the aquifer far exceed the feeble Japanese water cannons which is like using a squirt gun on an elephant engulfed in flames.

      The corium is getting fully quenched finally (but not yet extinquished), and the longterm damage may begin to reflect in staggering releases into the northern Japan underground aquifer and if someone has any geologic information about the geographic extent of that north Japan aquifer I would be very interested to see that data…I haven’t had time to look for that data. How many miles long and wide…what is the deepest depth in other areas to the water table…etc…
      And then we get to to the ocean releases from lateral topsoil movement. Since the Japanese were unable or unwilling or just too stupid (not the workers…the bosses) to mount a campaign to dig a buffer tunnel filled with zeolite around the plant down to the bedrock as suggested long ago by many expert observers then the lava is probably coursing into the ocean as we speak. This data should be easy to verify if Japanese weren’t so tight-lipped.

      They should stop worrying about the problem of water storage…that Areva/Kurion ship has sunk. Measure the progress of the ocean pollution at the edge of the water and find out if there is migration. They will not be able to stop it now so the next step is to just worry about keeping the Unit 4 from collapsing and keeping it cool to prevent air polltion. The dangers from vaporized exhaust from burning zirconium rods far exceeds water contamination in the short run for Japan and the world.

      Conjecture: Barring a miracle the entire island of Japan will become uninhabitable because of massive soil contamination by the end of November. The miracle would be if the air pollution is halted soon from the sources still burning and/or releasing radioactive vapor. This has to happen before the September to November tradewinds which will carry eastern coast Fukushima toxins west and south across the entire island of Japan.

      Okinawa and Korea and western China will be hammered and mass public anxiety/panic and global finger-pointing will ensue at anyone involved with the disaster. The MSM (Main Stream Media) will finally get their day back in public view as they castigate every little perceived Japanese misstep and process. They will have a field day analyzing the coming toxic 2011-2012 nuclear winter for Japan and the 300 or more nuclear winters to follow. Cesium and 50 other radioactive particles do not play gentle games with human DNA.

      Back to the present…if the melt-throughs into the water table are true and we haven’t had a coronol mass ejection (dodged that one eh? *:-) then at present the controversial push bombing into the sea of the plant option is now a dead option. At least for reactors 1 and 2 because Elvis may have left the containment building and man-made lower floors. The jury is out on whether a bombing seaward push for the rest of the plant is needed. I am beginning to worry more and more about the CSFP common spent fuel rod building as much as Unit 4.

      The long cam has been rotated to show it plainly illuminated at night now:

      See the view on the right feed at Hixon’s link:

      If anyone has any dope on the CSFR building let her rip. As Marvin Gaye would say: What’s Going on?

  • nomade

    At the bottom of that graph you posted it says this Whoopie.

    “No. 4 is stopped when there is no body checking in the reactor fuel for, are excluded from the list.”

    Rather garbled English but I think it’s saying that there is no graph because nobody is checking #4.

    If that is the case then nobody has been checking #4 for some time. I’ve never seen a graph for #4 on that site?

    Didn’t Uncle Arnie say that when #4 was abandoned it was time to evacuate Tokyo?

  • farawayfan

    True or not, anyone want to take bets on when the article will be pulled. Not retracted, just pulled like the other Fox article? I say by 4pm today.

  • HardLeft

    Thanks for the update, Joviation.

    Okay, so this does look bad. It’s following the damn rainfall.

    I suppose we knew it all along. Man, that sucks.

    They are all bumming out over at Physics Forum because the frickin’ water decontamination system is too hot, and they’ve got to get that water stored fast. And that’s before you even start worrying about the corium escaping containment.

    Yeah, where are the trenches full of Zeolite? Why didn’t they start building them six weeks ago? Why aren’t they building temporary storage tanks? I know they have a few dozen of them, but why aren’t there hundreds of them?

    This just feels like command and control failure to me. Like, there’s a real ugly downside to every decision they could make, so they’re going with plan A, which is just watering the RPVs and SFPs and prayer, despite the likelihood that Plan A will have a worse downside than any other decision.

    • TraderGreg

      If they have trouble decontaminating the water, wouldn’t it make ‘sense’ for them, to send it to the atmosphere? Wait until the SPF heats up, and pour the radioactive water over it, and bingo – it is gone on the way to America. Easier than building the storage tanks – isn’t it? We saw some incredible episodes of steaming….

      • Trader Greg: that is a frickin scary point but you may very well be right as our radiation levels in phoenix have remained quite high….

        One would have thought that without the explosions pushing the contamination high into the air, the levels would be almost non-detectable by now but i’ve found a definite pattern between fuku releases visible on the cam and subsequent spikes in radnet levels for Phoenix about 5 days or so later.

  • Elenin Velikovsky

    This Command-and-Control concept has been evolved
    over the course of Military Unlimited Dollars era, which is
    quite, thoroughly, Over.
    Are we really expecting to see Bigtime Industrial Efforts
    put into this Lost Cause?
    They (TEPCO, Japanese Govt., and USA Govt.) are all
    effectively Bankrupt. The only things keeping the game
    alive are successful Brainwash/Pacification efforts for
    citizens, and Military/Police Clampdown on anybody
    who shows that they possess a Compassionate Brain.
    The TV news is talking about the “debate” over
    “Raising the Debt Limit”.
    You know, it is all about to crash. No more Debt.
    No more Limit. No more money. No more Kapital.
    All of a Sudden, the code-of-silence DumbFuck cops
    look around for who’s gonna Back them Up?
    Who’s gonna Pay them? …and all those citizens that
    have been routinely hassled, ripped-off by the
    God-forsaken Masonic Cop Mafia?
    There will be no Industrial Solution to Fukushima.
    Call on the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, and Be Saved.
    After That, there is a lot to learn, to NOT follow along
    with your Satanic, Luciferian, Police-State Masonic

  • Mary in Seattle

    I think the same type of data was available after the Three Mile Island accident. See this chapter of Killing Our Own (whole book is online).

    And Pennsylvania fought it tooth and nail.

    One of the co-authors of the book, Norman Solomon, is I think going to run for Congress in California. I believe nuclear plant safety will be a chief focus.

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