Byron Center Charter School is a Public School Academy, which means a public school of choice. We are a legal, independent, innovative public school that operates with a charter contract to an authorized public body, Grand Valley State University. Our main focus is character values and academics.

Class Size, Focus, Technology

Our Seniors Byron Center Charter School is the only charter school in west Michigan to offer kindergarten through 12th grade at one location.  Byron Center Charter School is committed to having a low student/teacher ratio, 12/1 in the elementary classrooms and 20/1 in the middle/high classrooms. We believe a safer, more disciplined, and academically challenging environment can be achieved with these class sizes. Students are using computers for a variety of applications on a regular basis, with an average of one computer for every four students.  A computer lab is also available.

Tuition Free

Byron Center Charter School is a public school of choice, there is no tuition.  All teachers are certified by the State of Michigan.


Byron Center Charter School cannot promote a certain religion, it can however, teach both creation and evolution as a theory, and use the Bible as a historical reference.


Byron Center Charter School
9930 Burlingame Ave. SW
Byron Center, MI 49315

Phone: 1-616-878-4852
Fax: 1-616-878-7196

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