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Section: F.A.Q.

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About the Books

Why 'The Scottish Book'?



What are the properties of Draco’s wand? Can we assume that its wood is hawthorn, as per the chart on your site?

We learned in book six that Merope Gaunt staggered into the orphanage of New Year’s Eve and gave birth to Tom Riddle ‘within the hour’. Was Voldemort born on December 31st or January 1st?

What is Draco Malfoy’s Patronus?

What houses were Tonks and Myrtle in?

Are Alecto and Amycus (the two sibling Death Eaters) the Carrows mentioned by Snape in Spinner’s End?

Please will you tell us what were the other two titles you considered?

What does 'Deathly Hallows' mean?

Is the plural of 'Horcrux' 'Horcri?'

Veritaserum plays a big part in finding out the truth from Mad-Eye Moody in book four. Why then is it not used for example in the trials mentioned in the same book? It would be much easier in solving problems like whether Sirius Black was guilty or not?

We haven't heard the school song since the first book. Did the teachers rebel against it?

When the Marauder's Map is insulting Snape, how did Prongs write his insult as he's dead?

Nicholas Flamel is in the book 'the Da Vinci Code', did you get his name from there?

What education do the children of wizards have before going to Hogwarts?

Are all the pure-blood families going to die out? (We've lost the Blacks and the Crouches during the series)

So how DO the members of the Order of the Phoenix communicate with each other?

Did you actually write the information that ended up on the Famous Wizard cards? For that matter, what about the spells in the films? Did you invent those or did Steve Kloves? And why were new incantations created for the movie in the first place? (Example: "Incendio" to "Lacarnum Inflamari".) (A Mugglenet/Lexicon question)

Is Flitwick a short human or is he some other type of being? (A Mugglenet/Lexicon question)

How did you feel about the POA filmmakers leaving the Marauder’s Map’s background out of the story? (A Mugglenet/Lexicon question)

Do you like ‘Half-Blood Prince’?

Have you started writing book seven yet?

Do all young people in Britain's Wizarding World go to Hogwarts? For example, did Stan Shunpike attend Hogwarts? Or is Hogwarts a school just for those who are particularly good at magic while others go into trades without formal schooling? [Mugglenet/Lexicon question]

When Hermione arrived at Hogwarts, was she nearly eleven or nearly twelve? [also asked by vast numbers of people]

What is the core of Hermione’s wand? [asked by vast numbers of people]

Is Theodore Nott the "stringy" Slytherin mentioned in the Thestral class scene? If he isn't, who is that boy? [Mugglenet/Lexicon question]

On your website, you used the term "marauders" to refer to James and his friends. Were they actually called that or are you just borrowing the fan term? [Mugglenet/Lexicon question]

Godric’s Hollow: street, house, tree…? [Mugglenet/Lexicon question - also asked a lot in fan mail]

What is the significance of Neville being the other boy to whom the prophecy might have referred?

Why did Colin Creevey's camera work etc?

In "Philosopher's Stone" Aunt Petunia says that Lily came back from Hogwarts with frog spawn in her pockets and turned teacups into rats. If this is true, why wasn't Lily expelled?

Did the character Hedvig in Henrik Ibsen's "The Wild Duck" influence the naming of Harry Potter's owl?

Will there be two chapters in the sixth book called 'Lupin's Papers' and 'The Lovegoods in Court'?

You say that people cannot Apparate or Disapparate within Hogwarts and yet Dobby manages it, why is this?

How did Fred and George get their names, is it from the twins in "Gone With the Wind", they were both red headed boys?

Do you believe in fate?

Do you write every day?

Why did you make the Leprechaun gold disappear in "Goblet of Fire" and Harry not notice?

Are you going to kill any more characters?

Peeves chews gum, how can he when he is a ghost? (Nearly Headless Nick can't eat).

Why haven't the audio/other translations generally come out at the same time as the English edition?

Why didn't Fred and George notice Peter Pettigrew on the Marauder's Map before ("Prisoner of Azkaban")?

You said recently that Charlie was two years older than Percy. If that's so, he would have been the Seeker in Harry's first year. Can you clarify his and Bill's ages for us?

If a teacher is head of a house, can we assume that they were sorted into those houses when they were students at Hogwarts? Is that also true for the house ghosts? So was Snape a Slytherin?

Do you like Sirius Black?

Did James and Lupin switch bodies before James was killed?

Will Arthur Weasley be the new Minister for Magic?

Why are some people in the wizarding world (e.g., Harry) called 'half-blood' even though both their parents were magical?

Is Tom Riddle the Half-Blood Prince?

In what way is 'Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince' related to 'Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets'?

What did Dumbledore's Howler to Aunt Petunia mean? ('Remember my last'?)

What is the significance, if any, of Mark Evans?

How do you pronounce 'Hermione?'

Will you write more Harry Potter books after the seventh?




How did Harry get the Marauder's Map back at the end of 'Goblet of Fire'?

At the end of 'Goblet of Fire', in which order should Harry's parents have come out of the wand?

In 'Prisoner of Azkaban', why couldn't the Ministry of Magic have sent Sirius an owl, and then followed it, to find him?

In 'Chamber of Secrets', what would have happened if Ginny had died and Tom Riddle had escaped the diary?

Why did Marcus Flint do an extra year at Hogwarts?

Who is the head of Ravenclaw House?

Where do you get your names?

Where do you get your ideas?

Can prefects take points or not? A prefect took points from Gryffindor in the Chamber of Secrets, and then there was a reference to prefects not being allowed to dock points. What are the rules?

Does Hermione love Ron or Harry?

Could there please be a book of Hogwart spells?

Could there be some Harry Potter magazines produced?

What is the seventh book going to be called?

Is every book going to be bigger than the previous one?

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