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March 15, 2010, 3:42pm
Allan mentions South America as a place he would like to visit as a pit stop for TARA 4.
Allan mentions South America as a place he would like to visit as a pit stop for TARA 4.

After graduating from the University of California-Berkeley, Allan Wu soon realized that his career would veer far away from his pre-med major and biotechnology background. Little did he know that his career in entertainment would propel him all the way to Asia even after modelling for the prestigious Ford Model Agency in Los Angeles, California.

Once Allan decided to “set up shop” in Asia, he was immediately invited to become an MTV VJ in Taiwan, with stints on MTV Taiwan’s Party Zone, International Top 20, and Most Wanted. Not to rest on his laurels, Allan later moved to Hong Kong to focus more on his acting and was featured in numerous television commercials regionally along the way.

In line with Allan’s desire to experience more of Asia both from a personal and professional perspectives, he took Singapore by storm when he first dropped in over seven years ago. In addition to hosting and presenting, Allan is also one of the most sought after actors on screen and has starred in an extensive list of productions both in English and Mandarin. Never one to back down from a dare, Allan even found himself consuming maggots, worms, stinky beetles, and rotten fish eyes on the NBC popular reality show Fear Factor.

Establishing himself as Singapore’s leading action and adventure hero, Allan landed the highly coveted spot as the host of AXN’s The Amazing Race Asia several years ago. With Season Four of The Amazing Race Asia ready to take flight once again, there’s no telling how far Allan will soar–only the sky’s the limit.

Well being recently caught up with the “Wulander” for the Season Four casting promo of The Amazing Race Asia which will be shown on AXN later in the year and got this exclusive interview:

The Amazing Race Asia Season Four is back again. How are you preparing for the hosting gig?

Everyone working on TARA 4 is really excited about the new season, and I am getting even more involved with the publicity by actively participating in the Open Calls. We’ll be holding auditions for everyone in cities such as Kuching, Kuala Lumpar, and Penang in Malaysia.

Tell us about your fitness regime? How do you keep in shape?

Being fit is something we all take for granted when we’re young so I’ve realized that I need to be more dedicated as I get older.  If my schedule permits, I go running two to three times a week for 8-10 kilometers.  I’ll also throw in some swimming, tennis, or basketball along with a weight session a few times a month.

How about your diet?

Although I do watch what I eat more carefully, I still eat to my heart’s content most of the time.  Life is too short to refrain from all the wonderful foods we can enjoy!  Of course, I do make an effort to consume less at night and drink plenty of water to stay hydrated, especially after a hard workout.

If you weren’t the host of TARA, do you think you will join and actually win the race?

I would definitely consider joining TARA if I wasn’t the host.  Now, I would just need to figure out who would be an ideal partner. Maybe Phil Keoghan from the US version?  I’m based in Singapore so I would most likely represent the country. 

What has been your favourite season so far?

I’ve actually really enjoyed all of the seasons thus far so this is a tough question.  The first season was simply “amazing” because it was our first time racing around the world.  In the second season, we had a very “diverse” group of contestants.  And in the third season, all of the “tough” challenges really tested the competitors so I can only say every season has been my favourite season for a different reason.

What tips can you give our Philippine readers in creating a most interesting audition video? Also, if they actually get into the top 10, what tips can you give them in making it to the final pit stop?

I know this might sound cliche, but I think it’s best to just “be yourself” and act natural.  If you wanna be in the race and believe you’d be a great contestant, then we definitely don’t want you to act or do anything that really isn’t who you are.  Of course, simple things such as speaking clearly and being cool, calm, and confident in front of the camera doesn’t hurt either. 

And if one of your readers do make it to the final ten, then I would strongly advise to start watching the previous seasons of TARA to learn what the other teams did right...and wrong. Best preparation advice you can give to all those interested to join.

If you’re ready to be a part of something “amazing” and have the experience of a lifetime, then find someone who shares this dream to join you TARA because this is one ride you will cherish for the rest of your life!

All information on the race can be found on, and enquiries can be addressed to All applications must be submitted by March 22, 6:00 p.m. There will be strictly no extension after that date, so hurry and sign up now for the most thrilling adventure of your lifetime.

Allan mentions South America as a place he would like to visit as a pit stop for TARA 4.14.54 KB