The Global Guardians

Created by E. Nelson Bridwell & Ramona Fradon

Historical: Super Friends #7 (October 1977). Current: DC Comics Presents #46 (June 1982).

+ History

The Dome

The group more popularly known as the Global Guardians grew from a post-war organization called Dome. The Dome was founded in 1957 by non-US/USSR nations as an international police organization. Originally, it oversaw the operations of super-heroes of member nations. These heroes were inspired by the Justice Society and included the immortal Dr. Mist; the Knight & Squire II, Percival & Cyril Sheldrake of England; Gaucho of Argentina; the Legionary of Italy; the Musketeer of France; and the Wingman from Sweden. NOTE: In pre-Crisis continuity, the original Dome operatives of the 1950s were inspired by the Earth-2 Batman, not the JSA, and had no connection with the Global Guardians, who existed on Earth-1.

"The Dome's primary function is similar to that of Interpol,
... [it] serves as a means of communicating information from
the heroes of one country to those of another.
Its secondary function is to coordinate super-hero activities
throughout its member nations."
— Infinity, Inc. #34 (1987). Art by Todd McFarlane.

At least two original Dome operatives remained active. The Legionary took part in a Global Guardians investigation of a pharmaceutical company's role in the resurrection of Agent Axis. (Blue Beetle #20) And the second Squire inherited his father of Earl of Wordenshire. He also took his father's mantle of the Knight (II) and became a British spymaster. (New Teen Titans v.2 #44) Cyril later is sometimes called the "English Batman" — because he models his cowl upon that of his idol. He also took a new Squire (III), Beryl Hutchinson and they joined the short-lived Ultramarine Corps. Percy, the original Knight was killed by his arch-enemy, Springheeled Jack. (JLA: Classified #1)

As the original representatives retired, Dr. Mist formed the Global Guardians to serve as a task force for the Dome (Infinity, Inc. #34-36). The membership of the Guardians spanned the entire world (including the U.S.), but it was some time before the group had any contact with other American heroes.

"In time of crisis, the Dome will ask Dr. Mist to lead a force of
selected heroes. These are known by the code-name: The Global Guardians."
— Infinity, Inc. #34 (1987). Art by Todd McFarlane.

The first recorded meeting was between a group of four Guardians (Green Flame, Icemaiden, Rising Sun, Tasmanian Devil) and the team Infinity, Inc. The Guardians met Infinity when both groups were assigned to protect the same Canadian trade conference. (Infinity, Inc. #32) In Calgary, the two teams worked through their initial rivalry in time to battle and defeat the Wizard's new Injustice, Unlimited. (#34-36)

Soon after this, the United Nations decided to fund the new Justice League International. As a result, the Dome lost its funding and the members of the Guardians were left without work. Two enterprising members — Green Flame and the second Icemaiden — set their sites on the JLI instead. They applied and were soon accepted to the JLI. (Justice League In'tl v.1 #12, 14)

+ Guardians vs. The Queen Bee

The elusive
Fleur de-lis

Several Guardians disappeared after the breakup, including their leader, Dr. Mist, administrator Belphegor, Seraph, and Fleur de Lis (who has never appeared in any recorded adventure). The others accepted an offer by the so-called Queen Bee of Bialya. Unknown to the Guardians, however, the Queen Bee employed mind control tactics. As their first act under her control, former Guardian members Wild Huntsman, Rising Sun and Tuatara attacked Justice League Europe. (Justice League Europe #2)

Two members remained free of the mind-control and were in cahoots with the Queen Bee: the lovers, Jack O'Lantern and Owl Woman. (The Tasmanian Devil also remained free of the Queen Bee's control and eventually joined the Justice League. [Justice League America #54]) Jack destroyed the Dome's former Paris headquarters and framed the JLE for it. The Justice League was cleared and soon realized the connection between Bialya and the Guardians. (JLE #3) As a seemingly magnanimous gesture, the Queen Bee rebuilt the Dome in Bialya and brainwashed the remainder of the Global Guardians into her service. She even staged a battle where the two teams fought side-by-side, in order to make the Guardians look credible. To round out her control, she created an android Dr. Mist, and replaced the original Jack O'Lantern with a new lackey. (The original Jack is left to die in the Bialyan underground). (JLE Annual #1)

Under possession by the Queen Bee of Bialya,
Jack leads the Guardians to apprehend members of the J.L.I.
From Justice League Europe #30 (1991). Art by Darick Robertson

The Queen Bee's power grew quickly. She allied with Bialyan leader Sumaan Harjavti and ordered the capture of Captain Atom. (JLE #29) Harjavti and Jack orchestrated an assassination attempt on the JLI's administrator, Maxwell Lord, and replaced him with their operative, Rolf Heimlich. Their power also grew quickly and they planned to overthrow the Queen Bee. (JLA #54) Several Leaguers went undercover to Bialya and revealed Heimlich as a spy. In the resulting battle, Little Mermaid was accidentally killed by Jack O'Lantern. (JLE #30) Harjavti detonated a bomb which revealed the Queen Bee's secret complex, and killed Jack. Apparently, the Queen Bee also perished in the explosion. The Guardians regained their free wills and Owl Woman — who had been in on everything — escaped. (JLA #55)

After gaining their freedom, the Global Guardians regrouped in Bialya under Harjavti's leadership. He sets them against the Hero Group of Lower Pluxa. (Justice League Quarterly #5) Like his predecessor, Sumaan Harjavti plotted to control the Global Guardians; he imprisoned Olympian. But Dr. Mist obviously sensed that his former comrades in Bialya needed his help. He found Owl Woman and the original Jack O' Lantern and together they escaped from Bialya. (JLQ #6) Mist then recruited Rising Sun, Tasmanian Devil and Seraph to help liberate their friends. (JLQ #7) After all the Guardians were freed from Harjavti, Dr. Mist reformed the Global Guardians, and built a new headquarters in the Pacific. (JLQ #8) It seems their psychic defenses were down again when the team was controlled by Sonar (JLE #50).

For some unexplained reason, however, Dr. Mist was nowhere to be found during the Guardians' most tragic hour. Also at this time, the original was killed and succeeded by Jack O'Lantern III (Liam McHugh). (JLQ #14) Fain Y'onia, an old foe of Dr. Mist, attacked and killed Bushmaster and Thunderlord. Godiva, Impala and Tuatara were also critically injured. Y'onia was defeated only by the sacrifice of the Wild Huntsman, who disappeared alongside the villain. Owl Woman, Rising Sun, Seraph, Impala & Olympian emerge from the ashes to reform the Global Guardians with four new members: Centrix, Tundra, Chrysalis and Cascade. (JLQ #17)

There are no further recorded adventures of these heroes as a group, however, most of these remaining members did appear during Wonder Woman's grand battle against Circe. (Wonder Woman #174-175) It is unclear whether the team was still together, especially in light of the formation of the Ultramarines. The Ultramarines also professed to be protectors of the globe. The current Jack O'Lantern is among their members, and several others have joined as freelance operatives as well. (JLA: Classified #2-3)

+ Members

Bushmaster (deceased)

A hero without superpowers, Bernal Rojas of Venezuela had artificially duplicated the abilities of reptiles. He enjoyed the limelight but was killed by Fain Y'onia. (JLQ #17)


Dorcas Leigh of England can grow her blonde hair to any length and control every strand, making it into a shield, wings, or a lasso. She is somewhat vain and has a fear of scissors. She fell victim to the Organ Theif, who stole her hair (JSA Classified #19), but presumably, this will grow back.

Impala (deceased)

A Zulu, Mbulaze of South Africa has many of the traits of his namesake: great speed, endurance, and leaping ability. He was politically minded. Impala was depicted on the "wall of dead" in Roulette's casino. (JSA #28) His successor, Kid Impala, later joined the Ultramarines. (JLA: Classified #2)

Jack O'Lantern (deceased)

The first Jack, Daniel Cormac of Ireland, was given a magic lantern by a fairy queen that allowed him to conjure illusions, teleport short distances, fly, and move objects. The lantern is at full power at midnight and without energy at noon. When the Guardians disbanded, Jack was brainwashed by Queen Bee and believed killed. Though he was recovered, he died for real a bit later. (revealed Primal Force #0)

Jack O'Lantern II (deceased)

The second Jack, Marvin Noronsa, has had trouble tapping into the Lantern's magic and has relied on improvements that Queen Bee made on the device. He died in an explosion set by Rumaan Harjavti (JLA #55)

Little Mermaid (deceased)

Raised in Denmark, naive but spunky Ulla Påske's true love was Atlantis, where she was born a mutant who could not only fly but change her legs to fins, yet only exist underwater for 30 hours. She was accidentally killed by Jack O'Lantern. (JLE #30) A successor later joined the Ultramarines. (JLA: Classified #2)

The Olympian

The "disgraced Superman of Greece." When Aristides Demetrios of Greece wears the legendary Golden Fleece, he gains the attributes of the fifty heroes who once sought it. He has super- strength, great speed, the power of flight, and invulnerability. He has shown signs of slight schizophrenia. He has a romantic past with Helena Sandsmark, mother of Wonder Girl II. Later joined the Ultramarines (JLA: Classified #2) and aided Wonder Girl (Wonder Girl #4-6)


Wenonah Littlebird was endowed by her Native American tribe's spirit with the abilities of flight, night vision, an unerring sense of tracking, and tremendous strength. She was also brainwashed by Queen Bee, who enhanced her powers; her once-clawed gloves are now a part of her, and she can cause her claws to grow, enabling her to cut through steel.

Rising Sun

Isuma Yasunari of Japan is one with the sun. He can control and radiate any light wave right down to a proton, and project great heat. He draws from the sun's magnetic field to defy gravity.

Thunderlord (deceased)

Taiwan's Liang Xih-k'ai's shout could shatter a single door lock or an entire building at deafening decibels and could mimic sounds and voices. He was killed by Fain Y'onia. (JLQ #17)

Tuatara (deceased)

Jeremy Wakefield of New Zealand can see into time, to learn who has committed a crime and when criminals are planning their next robbery. But melding past, present, and future can be confusing, so Tuatara likes staying underwater, because water is timeless.

The Wild Huntsman

A supernatural entity, and a hunter of lost souls. Albrecht von Mannheim was the Guardians' Huntsman, a reincarnation of an ancient warrior. He was from Germany. He fought with his supernatural black steed Okran, hound Donnerschlag, a magical ax, sword, shield, and helmet — and a violent temper. He apparently died in the Guardians final battle. His corpse appeared later at Belle Reve Prison in Louisiana. (Suicide Squad #37) After that, the Wild Huntsman's spirit was born anew and clashed with Manhunter Mark Shaw. It has been borne again to vex the Shadopact.

NOTE: The following members have never been formally introduced but backgrounds for Cascade, Centrix and Chrysalis were revealed in the DC Comics Encyclopedia (2004). This book was written by writers with considerable DC experience.


Sujatmi Sunowaparti can transform her body into water and control large bodies of water. Hailing from the island of Java in Indonesia, her metagene was activated by exposure to a radioactive isotope


Mark Armstrong projects invisible force waves from his body in equal and opposite directions, carries arsenal of small pellets and other projectiles. A young retired ad exec, Centrix is a practitioner of New Age philosophies and one of Canada's few superheroes.


An android, swarms of genetically altered butterflies programmed with a deadly pathogen hidden in it's robotic shell mimic other insects. Has insect related powers. Created by anti-Semite Gerard Yves-Martet in Marsielles France who blamed immigrants for the rise in crime and poverty. Martet died of a fatal heart attack soon after Chrysalis joined the Global Guardians.


Said to possess superstrength and can project ice and cold.

Ice died fighting the Overmaster (JLTF #14) Little is known about the involvement of Belphegor (who only appeared twice), and Bwana Beast and Fleur-de-Lis (who appeared only in group shots). Other than that, only a little has ever been revealed about the personal history of most members.

+ Global Puppets

For such a formidable assembly of heroes, the Global Guardians seem unable to divorce themselves from malevolent control. A brand new band of Global Guardians, led by Jet (back from the dead) appeared in aftermath of the crisis wrought by Alexander Luthor. The new Global Guardians joined a trend of non-American metahuman coalitions like the Great Ten and Rocket Red Brigade. These groups proposed to mobilize themselves against foreign (mostly American) metahuman aggression.

But like the Queen Bee before, these new Guardians were pawns once again. This time they had been commandeered by the subatomic telepathic Saturnaians called the Klarmarians. On Earth, they are known as the Faceless Hunters. The Hunters came to Earth hoiping to cash in on the bounty on Hal Jordan. This band included the veteran Tasmanian Devil, Jet's New Guardian comrade Gloss, and new members Freedom Beast, Manticore IV and Sandstorm. (Green Lantern v.3 #10)

After their first encounter with Hal Jordan, they added the new Crimson Fox (III), who initially declined their invitation. Jet informed the heroine that she had no choice in the matter, and soon the Fox was under the Hunters' thrall as well. (#11) Their next attempt was more successful, when they found Hal in Russia. There they murdered a dozen terrorists and put the blame on the Green Lantern. (#14) The Guardians helped bring Hal down, but the JLA intervened and put an end to the bounty hunt. (#15)

After the presence of the Faceless Hunters was revealed, this team was freed from their mind control with the help of the Martian Manhunter. (#17) It is unclear whether this band of Global Guardians was formed prior to the Faceless Hunters' intervention.

Freedom Beast, Gloss, Sandstorm and Tasmanian Devil were all killed by Prometheus. (Justice League: Cry for Justice #1, 3)

Crimson Fox III

Little is known about the new Crimson Fox. Like her predecessors, she can emit pheremones to persuade her quarry. She is also the heir to D'aramis Cosmetics.

Freedom Beast

Dominic Mndawe succeeded Mike Maxwell, the B'wana Beast, as protector of South Africa. He wears a supernatural helmet to communicate telepathically with animals.


Xiang Po is Chinese and a former member of the New Guardians. She can draw super-strength from the "dragon lines" of power running through the Earth.


Celia Windward is British Jamaican and former member of the New Guardians, Jet was believed to have died. (New Guardians #6) No explanation has been given for her resurrection. Jet can employ the Earth's electromagnetic field to affect light and sound and create energy bolts.

Manticore IV

This Manticore is the most recent in a line of bioengineered warriors. The original three Manticores served with the Jihad.


Little is known of Sandstorm except his nation of origin: Syria.

+ Notes

The pre-Crisis Global Guardians had a different history. They began as co-stars in Super Friends #7-9. After that, they appeared in DC Comics Presents #46 (6.82). In that story, Dr. Mist assembled only five other heroes. The DCCP story resembles that of Super Friends #7. It is uncertain whether the latter story remains valid in post-Crisis continuity. Their first actual post-Crisis appearance was an overview page in the History of DC Universe #2. Also, Infinity, Inc. #34 showed a group shot including Bushmaster, Dr. Mist, Fleur-du-Lis, Godiva, Olympian and Seraph. Presumably, Green Fury's name was changed to Green Flame upon her introduction to avoid confusion with the Infinitor, Fury. See the table below for all pre- and post-Crisis first appearances.

+ List of Members

Name Country Current 1st app. Original 1st app. Status & Notes
1. Bwana Beast (Michael Payson Maxwell) United States Showcase #66 Showcase #66 killed in Animal Man #47
1. Fire (Beatriz daCosta, Green Fury, Green Flame) Brazil Inf. Inc. #32 Super Friends #25 Active in adventuring
1. Icemaiden (Sigrid Nansen) Norway Super Friends #9 Active in adventuring
1. Rising Sun (Izumi Yasunari) Japan Super Friends #9 Active in Guardians
1. Tasmanian Devil (Hugh Dawkins) Australia Super Friends #9 Killed by Prometheus Justice League: Cry for Justice #3
1. Bushmaster (Bernal Rojas) Venezuela Inf. Inc. #34 Super Friends #8 Deceased JLQ #17
1. Fleur-de-Lis (Noelle Avril)
n/a Active in France's Department Gamma; officially introduced in Blue Beetle #19-20 (1.88)
1. Godiva (Dorcas Leigh) England Super Friends #7 Unknown; critically injured JLQ #17; also appeared in Superman #13
1. Olympian (Aristides Demetrios) Greece Super Friends #9 Active in Guardians
1. Seraph (Chaim Lavon) Israel Super Friends #7 Active in Guardians
1. Wild Huntsman (Albrecht von Mannheim) Germany Super Friends #45 Unknown; last: JLQ #17
1. Jack O'Lantern (Daniel Cormac) Ireland JLA #8 Super Friends #8 Deceased, revealed in Primal Force #0
1. Tuatara (Jeremy Wakefield) New Zealand JLA #8 Super Friends #8 Unknown; critically injured JLQ #17
1. Owl Woman (Wenonah Littlebird) United States JLA #16 Super Friends #7 Active in adventuring; last appeared Wonder Woman #175
1. Impala (Mbulaze) South Africa JLE Ann. #1 Super Friends #7 Deceased; shown JSA #28
1. Little Mermaid (Ulla Påske) Denmark JLE Ann. #1 Super Friends #9 Deceased JLE #30
1. Thunderlord (Liang Xih-k'ai) Taiwan JLE Ann. #1 Super Friends #8 Deceased JLQ #17
18. Belphegor (unrevealed)
Teen Titans Spotlight #11 n/a Unknown; also appeared in JLA #8 (12.87), Blue Beetle #20 (1.88)
19. Icemaiden II/Ice (Tora Olafsdotter) Norway JLA #12 n/a Deceased JLTF #14 ; resurrected Birds of Prey #104
20. Jack O'Lantern II (Marvin Noronsa) Ireland JLE Ann. #1 n/a Deceased JLA #55
Name Home Country 1st app. Status / Notes
21. Centrix (Mark Armstrong) Canada JLQ #17 Unknown; only appeared once
21. Cascade (Sujatmi Sunowaparti) Indonesia Active in Guardians; last appeared Wonder Woman #175
21. Chrysalis (none) France Active in Guardians; last appeared Wonder Woman #175
21. Tundra (unrevealed) Russia Active in Guardians; last appeared Wonder Woman #175
25. Freedom Beast (Dominic Mndawe) South Africa Animal Man #13 Killed in Justice League: Cry for Justice #1 (9.09)
25. Gloss (Xiang Po) China Millennium #1 Killed by Prometheus Justice League: Cry for Justice #3
25. Jet (Celia Windward) Jamaica Deceased New Guardians #6; reappeared Green Lantern v.3 #10
25. Manticore IV (unrevealed) Japan Green Lantern v.3 #10 Active in adventuring
25. Sandstorm (unrevealed) Syria Killed by Prometheus Justice League: Cry for Justice #3
30. Crimson Fox (III) (unrevealed) France Green Lantern v.3 #11 Active in adventuring

Appearances + References

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