TimeOut : 09.00 : 'The Beauty of Stylelessness' : Sarah Kent


Titled 'flex', the new video shows two naked figures, a man and a woman, intertwining. Some sequences were shot underwater, others on a stage against a black background. 'The sections are intercut,' says Cunningham, 'so the bodies have different weights from one shot to the next - there's no gravity, no geography, no geometry. Making music videos is fun, but structurally you are restricted by the soundtrack, so I've always been a big storyboarder. But this piece is totally organic; I asked the performers to improvise. Initially I wanted to do something like an abstract painting, using figures, but in the edit I started to create a sequence that feels like a narrative.'

In what way is the piece Apocalyptic? 'I don't know if it is,' says Cunningham. 'It's about physical contact and relationships. Some sections were filmed very slowly, when they're played back they become fast and faces are distorted. Others are violent - people hitting each other so it gets quite intense and starts to be suggestive on a psychological level. One of my main objectives is to get a physical reaction; I'm making it as visceral as possible.

'I'm one of the most squeamish people around, I can't stand the sight of blood; yet as a child I used to make up my friends with gore effects so they looked as if their skin had been ripped off. I'm freaked out by the body. I used to pretend that I was hollow, because I couldn't stand the idea of having all those organs inside, it made me feel sick.'

thanks to domonic kulcsar