Man, after this one came out, there was just no stopping Chris Cunningham. Up to now we had seen Come to Daddy, Only You, and Frozen. After this one aired, though, you could tell Chris was really going to take over here.

Allow me to slather a bit: Come on My Selector is brilliant in so many ways. I know it gets old hearing that line in all of the write-ups on this site, but it's for these very reasons this site was created. But we're not alone in our feelings. This video won many big-time industry awards.

What makes it brilliant, even years later, is that it's so incredibly tight. It's Chris' first time as an editor, and his work is lazer-sharp. It's so tightly wrapped that you have to wonder which came first, the video or the song? Well, the song, stupid. Tom "Squarepusher" Jenkinson's Big Loada EP is filled with this futuristic drill-n-bass madness. After production wrapped, Chris had all of the edits in his head, so he had to take over editing.

What's surprising is that the video's story wasn't set until three days before production. It was going to be a cartoony cat-and-dog chase around the house, but that was apparently so ambitious (I'm reading out of his Directors Label book here) that he couldn't take the risk. "I remember thinking fuck, I haven't got enough time to think this video through now, so if I set it in a mental hospital I can just do anything because they're all eightball!"

So it wound up being a story of a Japanese girl's midnight-escape from some mental hospital, brain swap and doggie drool. It does feel a bit like a comic strip, a bit like manga, and a bit like old Tex Avery cartoons (hey, Chris really nailed it in his Directors Label book).

You can own Come on My Selector. It's on Chris' Directors Label DVD.

1999 D&AD Awards
  Pop Promos .. Direction
1999 MVPA Awards
  Video of the Year
  Alternative Video of the Year
  Best Editing in a Music Video .. Chris Cunningham
1999 Music Week CAD Awards
  Best Video of 1998
  Best Rock/Alternative Video
1999 Soho Shorts .. The Innovation TK Music Award

1999 D&AD Awards
  Pop Promos .. Budgets Over £40,000