Dave Getzschman

A photojournalist by trade and a regular contributor to the Los Angeles Times, Dave Getzschman brings a skill set to wedding photography that is highly complimentary. He shoots quickly and remains unobtrusive, steadfastly seeking images that communicate what is unique about each wedding. Read More...

Photographer Dave Getzschman 
Location San Francisco in Northern California, United States
Starting Rates $6000+ (USD) 
Website benchrismanphotographers.com 
Photos 17 Contest Winning Photos
Client Letters 4 Client Letters
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The Wedding Photojournalist Association proudly recognizes the accomplishments and creative excellence of Dave Getzschman. The following awards have been earned by Dave from the WPJA. These achievements come with great merit considering the high level of competition that a member faces in the contests.

2011 Q1 1st Place - Ceremony
2010 Q4 1st Place - Emotion
2nd Place - First Dance
2nd Place - Toasting/Speeches
5th Place - Creative Portrait
10th Place - Toasting/Speeches
12th Place - Toasting/Speeches
20th Place - Emotion
Q3 9th Place - Departure
20th Place - Parents
BRIDES 5th Place - Bride
2009 Q4 3rd Place - Creative Portrait
9th Place - Groom Getting Ready
12th Place - Engagement Portrait
19th Place - Dancing
Q3 4th Place - Toasting
18th Place - Dancing

The following letters are from the clients of Dave Getzschman. Click an image to view a larger version.

Sarah  &  Leo

Sarah & Leo
Married September 12th, 2009
"What an amazing slideshow! I love how real the photos are and the photojournalistic point of view and sequence. Each photo really captures every one's true emotions and expressions. It was funny because Sarah is out of town so we had to get each other on the phone and do a countdown...more "

Monica  &  Gabriel

Monica & Gabriel
Married December 20th, 2008
"We are truly speechless!!!! All the pictures along with the slideshow and the entire finished work is so professional, genuine and absolutely beautiful! Every captured emotion of joy, excitement, nostalgia and happiness is overwhelming. They couldn't have turned out better, and this...more "

Grace  &  Dave

Grace & Dave
Married October 12th, 2008
"Great job! We love the photos! The pictures are so dynamic and well-framed. You did a fantastic job capturing people's personalities. Appreciate the photojournalistic aspect of your photography. We especially liked the shot of us dancing with our parents looking on - everyone in the frame. Nice!! Honestly, Dave, you did an awesome job! It truly was a pleasure to have you photograph our wedding. You're very personable and can easily get along with everyone. In fact, my family and our bridal party thought you were a longtime friend because of the way you interacted with everyone. Thanks again! Hopefully our wedding won't be the last time we'll see you. We'd love to hang out sometime."

Kristie  &  Scott

Kristie & Scott
Married October 14th, 2006
"I wanted to personally thank you for the amazing photographs you took of us, our family and friends. There is no way that I could ever properly convey to you how much your effort, talent and generosity mean to me and to us. What you have done is captured pictures of moments either...more "