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'Top Model All-Stars' cast reported: Lisa D'Amato, Isis King in; Jade out



There are so many reasons to thank you, Ty-Ty. You’ve provided us with reality ridiculata for 16 straight cycles. You call them cycles. And you created an “all-star” cycle inviting back previous “models” who will once again fight to “win” the title of America’s Next Top “Model.” I simply cannot wait to watch these “human beings”! But I have another reason to thank you: According to the all-stars line-up circulating the Web, you actually recruited some of my suggested alums! (Though The CW is not making any announcements yet.) That’s right: Cycle 4′s Brittany Brower, Cycle 5′s Lisa D’Amato, Cycle 11′s Sheena Sakai, Cycle 13′s Laura Kirkpatrick, and Cycle 15′s Kayla Ferrel are all returning to The CW to stroke Tyra’s ego and their inevitable terrible weaves. For that, I will forgive you for failing to recruit scene-stealer Jade, even if you tried. (The Cycle 6 contestant tweeted that she had declined participating in the season “immensely because my contract was completely Bogus and one sided!” Ah, words. They mean nothing to Jade!) But, without further ado, here’s who you can reportedly expect to show up on your screens while your emotions wrestle with simultaneous feelings of superiority and self-loathing. Also, what they’ve been up to:

Shannon Stewart, Cycle 1: The model who, along with Robin, refused to go nude got into the pageant scene, competing in Miss Ohio USA. Thus seals her fate as a future Celebrity Apprentice competitor and/or Donald Trump wife.

Camille McDonald, Cycle 2: McDonald apparently created a lingerie line called Lingerwear, which — like the Oneders — I’m guessing she doesn’t realize will be pronounced as it looks on paper: Linger-wear.

Brittany Brower, Cycle 4: The season’s goofball continued flexing her small-screen talents, appearing in Battle of the Network Reality Stars. So I guess an all-star Top Model, otherwise known as Battle of The CW Reality Stars, is a step down?

Bre Scullark, Cycle 5: Scullark has been modeling for Ford Models, appearing in Vibe and commercials for Old Navy. Also, I imagine, keeping her eyes on her granola bars.

Lisa D’Amato, Cycle 5: Turns out, the season’s “alcoholic bitch” really did turn out to be an alcoholic bitch! D’Amato appeared on season 3 of Celebrity Rehab with Dr. Drew since exiting the show. So, no, you should not expect her to make friends with Cousin It again this season.

Bianca Golden, Cycle 9: The model has been using her attitude for good (modeling for Korto in Project Runway‘s season 5 finale) and very, very bad (getting into a physical altercation with Hairspray‘s Nikki Blonsky, which led to an arrest). She can’t stop the beat(ings)! Stop, Kate.

Dominique Reighard, Cycle 10: The contestant most often compared to a man(/soccer mom) participated in the Top Model spin-off Modelville, and has posed for Carol’s Daughter.

Isis King, Cycle 11: The contestant who was actually born a man (King identified as transgender) is officially a woman: Ty-Ty herself paid for King’s sex reassignment surgery, completed in 2009.

Sheena Sakai, Cycle 11: Sakai has appeared in an ad for Trojan condoms. Hey, work is work.

Allison Harvard, Cycle 12: The blood-loving contestant continues to model and stare at things.

Laura Kirkpatrick, Cycle 13: Shorties represent! Since losing to Nicole Fox, Kirkpatrick has modeled for Steve Madden.

Angelea Preston, Cycle 14: According to her ANTM wiki page, Preston has “taken a few test shots.” Karma?

Kayla Ferrel, Cycle 15: It’s been under a years since Ferrel was eliminated just short of the finals, so, beyond cursing Ann Ward’s impossibly tiny waist, her post-Top Model activities are unknown.

Alexandria Everett, Cycle 16: It’s not clear what she’s doing, but one thing’s clear: Everyone will hate her. Or Bre. Or Angelea. Or Lisa. Or Camille. Lord, this Top Model cast has more villains than an issue of Justice League.

Digging the cast, PopWatchers? Sad about Jade?

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  • MyLisa

    Eeegad, NOOO! It’s far too soon to see Alexandria again. Wish it was Jacklyn…

  • Di

    Voting for Laura Kirkpatrick. Can’t wait to see what grandma made clothing is going to appear this time

    • Jody

      I agree! Love Laura and happy she will be back.

    • Angelica

      I love Laura! She was so adorable and I wish she could have won. It would be great to see her again.

  • Lloyd

    Brittany Brower was one of the most inexplicably eliminated contestants ever. Hope she wins. But this looks like a cast that is designed to bring drama as opposed to talent.

    • AK

      Really? Three runners-up and another eight who finished in the top 4. Sounds pretty good to me.

  • E

    Oneders???? I really thought I was alone in remembering that!

    • jk


    • Kelly Mack

      That movie is sadly underrated!

    • Dizzle

      Kudos to Kate Ward for that reference!

  • Lia

    The ‘All Stars’ should be everyone who took second place. But, oh wait, most of them have successful modeling careers…

    Bring back that beautiful Indian woman with the long black hair (no memory of what her name was)!

    • jessica

      The one dating Jim Carey (according to at least one gossip site)? It was like Anchal or something.

  • Di

    Has Ann Ward modeled since ANTM?

    • steph

      I definitely saw her in a commercial at one point.

  • Andrew

    No Jade, No Robin?! smh…whatever, at least we got Camille back.

    • Beauty

      Yea what the heck!

    • dennis

      Jade said no, but she was offered.

  • lisam

    I really wish that Heather, that girl with Asperger’s syndrome was in the All-Star cast.

    • Jenny

      Ohhh! Yes lisam! Heather ftw!!

      • gink

        Love Heather! Can’t wait for this–should be better than the last two seasons!

  • anoynomous

    Bre is back……everyone watch your granola bars lol. On a side note, Alison has this one. Her eyes are huge which makes her unique and we all know tyra loves that. Kinda sad that Raina isn’t back though.

    • Mae

      Oh god, I had completely erased Granola-gate from my mind. That was one of most ridiculous, most trife moments in ANTM … and that’s saying a lot.

    • Gabe

      I hope Allison has this… She is by far my favorite of this cast.

  • X-Man

    This sounds like its gonna be a hot mess. And I can not wait to watch this. Its gonna be the best season ever.

    • Trixie

      Hah, I agree. Most of them have really toxic, aggressive personalities. Plus quite a few are a bit on the old end…

      • lettergirl

        omg…those 2 from cycle one were OLD back then and that was YEARS ago. i bet they are getting social security now!

  • Be

    Wish we had pictures of them because I cant remember everyone by name…

  • Kate

    I was hoping Ya Ya would be on, but I guess she’s busy getting her acting career going. I won’t miss Jade, she’s my least favorite. It should be interesting to see how the drama queens they picked work on the same show.

  • Katie

    Why is alexiandra back! I hate her! She can’t model!

    • Penny

      Your just jealous because your nasty ugly.

      • Tlynn

        No, they are just stating a fact. Who the heck wants to see Alexandria.

  • Zo

    Sad about this list mainly including the “b/tches” and the “controverial” girls. No twins, Amanda and Michelle! No Heather! No Joanie! BOOOOO!

    Also, EW, in order to remember 90% of these contestants, we need pictures, ‘mkay?

    • Tlynn

      Joanie is busy. She is the carpenter on DIY’s “Run My Renovation.”

  • Kate

    Joanie is on the DIY Network’s Run My Renovation. She’s a carpenter! I don’t remember her talking about being a carpenter, but I don’t remember that far back anyway. It’s either the DIY Network or HGTV.

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