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Epitaphs in Morbid Curiosity, Volume 1
Bette Davis - She did it the hard way
Jean Harlow - “Baby"
Rita Hayworth - To Yesterday's Companionship and Tomorrow's Reunion
Margo Hemingway - Free Spirit Freed
Jayne Mansfield - We live to love you more each day
Curly Joe DeRita - The Last Stooge
Sammy Davis Jr. - The Entertainer, He Did It All
Dean Martin - Everybody loves somebody sometime
Frank Sinatra - The best is yet to come
Jackie Gleason - And away we go
Lorne Greene - Ben Cartwright, The great voice of Canada finally stilled but silenced never
Pat Buttram - A man deserves paradise who can make his companions laugh
George Reeves - Superman
Bert Convy - His Star Will Shine Forever
Selma Diamond - A very funny lady
Robert Reed - Goodnight Sweet Prince
Al Capone - My Jesus Mercy
Benjamin Siegel - In Loving Memory From The Family.  (which “family do you think they mean?)
Gene Autry - America's favorite cowboy, a believer in western heritage.
Chuck Connors - The Rifleman
Alan Ladd - In this heart of mine you live all the time.
John Wayne - Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes into us at midnight very clean. It's perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands. It hopes we've learned something from yesterday.
Gracie Allen and George Burns - Together Again
Jack Lemmon - in
John Belushi - He gave us laughter
Lenny Bruce - Peace at last
John Candy - one heart and one soul
Sam Kinison - In another time and place he would have been called a prophet
Ernie Kovacs - Nothing in moderation
Lee J. Cobb - Every Inch A King
Vic Morrow - I loved him as "dad" to everyone else he was “Vic”
John Barrymore - Good night Sweet Prince
Douglas Fairbanks Sr. & Jr. - Good night sweet prince and flights of angels sing thee to rest
Tommy Dorsey - The Sentimental Gentleman
Buddy Rich - One of a kind
Mel Torme - Music, the greatest good that mortals know and all of heaven we have below
J.P. Richardson - The Big Bopper
Richie Valens - La Bamba
Sonny Bono - And the beat goes on
Beach Boy Carl Wilson - The world is a far lesser place without you.
Karen Carpenter - A star on Earth, a star in heaven
Andy Gibb - An everlasting love
Billy Holiday - Known as Lady Day
Sam Cooke - Until the day break and the shadow flee away
Harry Chapin - Oh if a man tried to take his time on Earth and prove before he died what one man' s life could be worth in wonder what would happen to this world.
Dottie West - Our Country Sunshine

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