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Rarely does a piece of Torrent Search software make our headlines and qualify as newsworthy, let alone worth writing about. However, Bit Che is not your run-of-the-mill torrent search software.

So what separates Bit Che from the rest of the pack? For starters, it allows for private BitTorrent site searching (provided you have accounts to them). This is a monumental step forward in torrent searching development. Bit Che is also a great tool for:

Searching for hard-to-find torrents - In contrast to torrent meta search websites (that usually limit the querying to the top 10 public sites), Bit Che software implements many more sites in the search, with the ability to add others, and even add your own (for unlimited torrent searching).

Filtering of popular torrents - Torrent data is shown in the results, giving users the ability to quickly gauge what torrents are likely the best sources for a popular release.

Bit Che - Installation & Searching

Download Bit Che from — the current version is “bit_che_1_0_60.exe“. Install and select the “Update scripts to the latest versions (recommended)” option at the end.

Bit Che Searching

By default, searching is implemented in “simple mode”, whereby the host torrent sites (scripts) are not shown until after the results are in. To customize this (and select only certain sites to use for the queries), select Options > Show Scripts. Sites can now be selected and de-selected, and private sites can now be incorporated into the searching.

Filtering the Search Results

Results are automatically filtered by the highest number of seeds; however, Bit Che incorporates some nifty search filtering of the given results. Data can be arranged by seeds, peers, size, host website and S/L ratio. This is great for deciding between popular torrents across multiple-sources.

Downloading Torrents from the Search Results

Another great feature of Bit Che is that it automagically detects your default BitTorrent client. When a torrent is launched, so is the client - without having to jump to the web page of the hosting site. In fact, a browser is not even required to search for and download torrents. To download a torrent into the BT client (µtorrent), highlight a desired search result, right-click and select “Open Torrent…“. Other right-click options include:

Save Torrent As… - Torrents can be saved to your hard drive (for future opening).

View Torrent Details… - This shows a list of files in the torrent, plus additional information such as the tracker URL and URL of originating website.

View Source Page… - Launches the URL of the torrent source (i.e.

Bit Che - Private Torrent Sites

Let’s get into the real reasons why Bit Che is vastly superior to other torrent search software:

Searching Private BitTorrent Sites

By default, searching of private sites is set to OFF (for the simple reason that you’ll need to login to the private tracker before searching can be implemented). First, you’ll have to activate the Show Scripts option to produce the list of sites. Once done, scroll down past the public sites (TIP: The first private site in the list is

Next, click a private site that you are a member of. This will launch a window to confirm the addition of your username/password (login information) - click “YES” to proceed.

Now, enter in your login info, and click APPLY, then OK. Your account info is saved, and you can begin Bit Che searching through your account. Repeat this process for as many private sites as you want.

To implement the searching to query ONLY the private sites you’ve added, click on the dash ( — ) that is listed underneath the last public site. (TIP: You’ll first have to turn off the public site ’scripts’ - do this at the top by removing the checkmark where it says “ALL”). See below:

If you prefer, you can also conduct searching via ony one site at a time (public or private). Highlight the site name, right-click and choose “Select Only…” from the list.

Customizing The Search

Bit Che supports the customization of search queries by using certain strings in the parameters. For example, if you desire only DVD-R versions of movies, you can specify the size of the search results (and all other results are thrown out).

To do this for the “size” of a release (for example, a movie), enter in the title of the movie, followed by this: -size>4000

“4000″ specifies 4000 MB data size, and since typical DVD-Rs are over 4 GB (or over 4000), the results should typically only show torrents that are larger than 4000 MB.

Searching can be taken a step further with the removal of keywords in the search string. For example, when searching for a particular movie, but you don’t want any dvdscr (screener) releases to come back in the results, just enter this after the search term: -dvdscr.

Bit Che also supports multiple keyword removal for fine-tuning of the queries.

Customizing The ‘Scripts’

Bit Che incorporates a good list of private sites to choose from, but there are many other ’scripts’ that aren’t in the list. Have a private BT account, but don’t see it listed in Bit Che? Why not try to find and add it from the scripts at the convivea forums. Here you’ll find many private (and some public) sites & trackers to add to your search repertoire, that aren’t currently available through Bit Che’s update service.

Scripts are *.INI files - look for the links among the forum threads:

Adding New ‘Scripts’

Once you’ve found a desired script in the convivea forums, you’ll need to save the file to your hard drive, and move it to this directory:

C:\Documents and Settings\<YOUR NAME>\Application Data\Convivea\Bit_Che\scripts

An easy way to open this path is through Bit Che — click File > Open App Data Folder, and copy the *.ini file to your “scripts” folder:

After adding a new script to the list, you’ll need to refresh the scripts list. To do this, simply go to the Options menu, and remove the checkmark for Show Scripts. Now, go back to Options, and select Show Scripts again - this should update the list.

Our Recommendations:

We’ve noticed that some of the scripts (both public & private) that are “updated” at the end of installation just don’t work, and thus hamper the overall quality/quantity of Bit Che searching. For this we recommend adding the scripts manually from the convivea forums - here’s a good starting point - be sure to browse around all pages/threads (currently there are 12 pages dedicated to this in the thread) - download the *.INI files and choose to overwrite the old scripts with newer ones found. As an example, the SumoTorrents script doesn’t work, and users must manually download the newer one and add the new sumotorrent.ini file to their scripts directory in order to get it to work. Once copied over to the scripts directory, you’ll notice that SumoTorrents will be listed in the results after conducting a search query.

Adding/making your own scripts: Check the forums for more information on this.

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  1. 01   •   Crissi Says:

    Thx. Great prog:)

  2. 02   •   Brad Storch Says:

    Does anyone have the crack to unlock all the features? So far I’ve only found 1 fake. I don’t care about doing the stuff they want you to do to unlock the software and I just want a crack.

  3. 03   •   weaana Says:

    thanks sharky
    the wealth of info on p2p on this site is overwhelming
    and i cant stop opening up all ur posts
    keep up the unbelievable work

    i have question about bit che

    how securing is it giving password for private tracker in bit che?
    can the program be completely trusted?

  4. 04   •   sharky Says:

    WEAANA - Thanks for all the kind words!! I believe it can be trusted, since when you add your username / password information of a private tracker in BitChe, it’s saved on your hard drive in a config or program file, not online. I wouldn’t worry about it whatsoever - I’ve been using BitChe without any problems for my private trackers.

  5. 05   •   weaana Says:

    thanks a lot for the reply
    i too am using bit che with private trackers
    its an excellent tool
    how come the world doesnt know about it
    wanted to make few scripts , going throuh their forums

    thanx again
    and keep those great revies coming

  6. 06   •   Diji1 Says:

    @ Brad Storch

  7. 07   •   Zafar Iqbal Says:

    Dear All,

    Please find below link to download Bit Che.

    Zafar Iqbal

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