A Place Set Apart...

What is Camp Wendake?

Camp Wendake (Huron for: A place set apart) is a camp for people living with HIV/AIDS and their care-givers, loved ones, and traditional/non-traditional families. The camp has rustic cabins, and it is situated on the beautiful shores of Lake Huron near Bayfield, ON.


Camp Wendake is a non-profit camp, sponsored by the AIDS Committee of the Diocese of Huron. We are staffed almost exclusively by volunteers and we rely on generous donations from the community to operate our program.


Camp Wendake is an amazing contradiction! People gather because of a common affliction, but find freedom from focusing upon the disease for a brief time - and find an opportunity to celebrate life. The camping experience occurs in a community where HIV/AIDS is the "norm". And so it may include open discussions where people choose to share personal information regarding lifestyle, HIV/AIDS status, or other private details. Campers may attend in order to learn and share more about coping with their overall health and social issues - or they may come for the rest and refreshment of a caring and understanding community.


Camp Dates 2011


August 29 - September 3 applications available on the FORMS page...