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Must Watch – Official Hearing on Population Studies (OSCE)

You simply MUST WATCH this 2 hour 4 minute report by academics to the 20 June 2011 hearing of the US Helsinki Commission – Commission on Security & Cooperation in Europe.

It absolutely blows neo-malthusian and environmentalists’ ideas on global over-population out of the water. Game, set and match. Even though it is an official committee it names Ted Turner and his ilk and their over-influence at the UN and elsewhere and even mentions elites’ covert depopulation programmes.

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1 Comment for “Must Watch – Official Hearing on Population Studies (OSCE)”

  1. Pathocracy Paddy

    There you go, the commoners are being exterminated so the pathocrats can have the whole depopulated planet to themselves and their superior psychopathic buddies and perverted offspring. Deliberate culling.
    Yet again EUGENICS.

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