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The Jeff Rense Program

Beginning his 18th year in talk radio, the Jeff Rense Program remains completely unique as is his Rense Radio Network. Although Jeff's content and style have been copied and 'borrowed' by many competitors, none can become something they are not. An original is just that and Jeff is, truly, one of a kind. No ego, no arrogance, no shouting and ranting, the program is genuine journalism, intellect, reason, care and concern...and true inquiry. Many programs are nothing less that journeys of the mind into subjects and analyses that are presented in the most unique, listenable and intelligent fashion in the industry. Many term the program the best interview and analysis program of all.
After being under exclusive contract with the major talk networks like Premiere Radio Networks and the Talk Radio Network (TRN), Jeff finally decided that the only real job security - and freedom - in the medium was to be found in working as an independent network. To that end, Jeff began his own network, the Rense Radio Network, which now has 5 superior talk hosts and programs, 24/7 which can be listened to here. The network fills out the 24 hour clock by re-broadcasting these outstanding programs around the clock so there are several options for listeners to tune in to hear their favorites at their convenience. Further, the network also offers the listeners the option of hearing any of the programs at any time they wish online through the immediate archiving of each host's programs. This wonderful listen-on-demand archive option makes it perfect for host and listeners alike.
A true pioneer and original, Jeff was one of the very first to integrate the visual side of the internet into live radio broadcasting. For example, if a guest has any images, photos, or other material that can enhance his or her presentation on the program, Jeff will link to those images on a special page, or directly to the guest's own internet site and make the radio experience a visually interactive one. This format proved to be very successful and soon many program hosts were doing similar things which has given the radio 'theater of the mind' experience a new visual dynamic.
Another first, was Jeff's concept of pooling a stellar group of recurring monthly guests into his program lineup. Over time, he carefully selected many top geopolitical commentators and analysts, UFO and paranormal experts, and health and environmental authorities to form this unique and world-renowned core of truly memorable journalists, authors and researchers who bring a solid bedrock of knowledge and wisdom to Jeff's program on a continual regular basis. Other radio hosts have tried to build their shows by duplicating this concept but none have achieved the success that this group of truly remarkable individuals has achieved in what amounts to almost an ensemble cast of the best of the best.
Ultimately, it is the quality of the listening audience that is the true indication of the success and respect any talk radio program is given and can achieve. To that end, Jeff feels, unequivocally, that the listeners to his program are the most intelligent, concerned and fair-minded of any program in the industry. He, and those working with him, are extremely proud and honored by the integrity and wisdom of all of those who follow and support the program and its efforts to present honest journalism and the best possible panorama of real news and information that truly matters.

The Most Dangerous Man
In Talk Radio

By Kennedy Grey
"The dream of every leader, whether a tyrannical despot or a benign prophet, is to regulate the behavior of his people." -- Colin Blakemore ("Mechanics of the Mind")
When Jeff Rense walked away from a #1 rated Oregon TV news anchor position, people suspected job burnout. But Rense wasn't burned out on his job - his dissatisfaction was with the entire news media mainstream itself.
Twelve years as on on-air news anchor and News Director "up and down the west coast" had left him alarmed and fearful for the public consciousness. Rense saw the viewing public barraged with "news" tainted by the influence of money and power organizations controlling the very ownership of the airwaves. Rense had grown increasingly bitter about having to conform to a pasteurized press wire, the acceptance of tabloid exploitation and gore mingled with thinly-disguised press release "fluff" journalism which had infiltrated and weakened mainstream broadcast information sources.
"I witnessed television news in the 80s recede from journalism to "product." Substance went out the door, and soon it became a question of putting on the air what sold."
This control over our information and ultimately of our lives by multinational corporations is not new. Fred Friendly resigned as president of CBS News in 1966 because the network refused to cancel a fifth daytime rerun of 'I Love Lucy' for a crucial Senate hearing on the Vietnam War. He was told that the loss of revenue from a delayed episode of 'Lucy' was intolerable to shareholders, who would not accept any decrease in net profits."
But instead of retiring to a quiet country retreat, Rense instead committed to addressing what he felt was a need for a more open public forum committed to airing what the mainstream media never would. Rense set out to re-invent himself into a liberator of truth from the confines of a corrupt and bloated news broadcast industry.
Rense's first action item was to get back on the air - and on his own terms. To accomplish this, he walked into a radio station in Santa Barbara and paid for his own airtime.
Doing so freed him to focus on bringing on guests who would normally never make it anywhere near mainstream electronic media exposure. Soon, Rense's show became a conduit of news and information unlike anything found on mainstream or alternative news broadcasts. His show content runs the gamut from outright lunacy (i.e. "aliens are actually an evolved sub-terranian lizard people") to more down to earth topics as government intrugue, secret weapons, and cutting edge health issues. The program has grown into an on-air forum for the vast undercurrent of organizations, personalities, scholars, and theorists attempting to publicize realities deviating from the thin slice of culture our existing media caters to.
"Talk radio and the net are the last real hope for interactive education in the media." Said Rense. "People listen to talk radio instead of just staring at a television. Radio is theatre of the mind - a classroom of the mind."
Unlike other talk show hosts, Rense takes a back seat to the topic and guest at hand. "Unfortunately, in talk radio the host is generally the star and they never want you to forget that. In my case, I've always approached it from an antithetical viewpoint: the information on the show is the star and I'm just the facilitator. It's my job to bring the best out of each guest that he or she has to offer so that the audience can make the best possible informed decision for themselves on an individual basis."
According to Rense, part of what has kept issues such as UFO sightings out of the mainstream media can be attributed to the vast merging of media entities into ever-greater megalopolies.
"It's extraordinary - over the last 15 years most of the American media is owned by less than a dozen corporations. They have a mindset - and it is all essentially 'product,'" said Rense.
Seeing the internet as the new frontier for media consolidation, Rense decided to get in and make a name for himself there before it became as corrupt and useless as the other forms of mainstream news.
It turned out to be a smart move. Broadcast.com rankings showed him 4th just behind the heavyweights of talk radio - Rush Limbaugh, Dr. Laura Schlesinger and Art Bell. (The top trade magazine, Talkers, named Jeff to the top 100 talk show hosts in America in 2001...)


"The net presents the last and greatest opportunity we as a culture have ever had to avail ourselves of the truth. On the other hand, it's also the greatest opportunity for the corporate mind to extend control over people. The door has never been more wide open for more intricate and sophisticated forms of fraud and deception and control" said Rense.
During his radio show, Rense stays online and receives a steady stream of email updates and world news items from people and resources around the world - truly interactive radio for the next Millennium.
"With us, talk radio has become talk - and see - radio...and our listeners love it."
Rense's world-renowned news service, www.rense.com, is currently drawing over ten million total hits per month. Jeff personally selects and/or edits every single piece of data on the site. New material, coming from worldwide sources, is updated and posted on a daily basis.
According to Rense, the web, even with its flaws, may help successfully wean some of our culture off television, an entity Rense calls "the most ruthless and overwhelming weapon of control and influence ever unleashed on the planet, without question."
"The Communist Chinese haven't missed the point - their goal was to, by the year 2001, have a television in every home in all of China - 1.2 billion people. They know." said Rense.
Though his disillusionment with television stems from his own first-hand experience within the medium, Rense's feelings are also driven by his concern for children.
"Some children watch television 30 hours or more a week. The medium is so strong it actually turns these children into little templates of uniform behavior. Kids nowadays are primarily a composite of what they THINK they ought to be and what they're shown on TV to be 'cool', hip, trendy and stylish. Most children don't know who they really are anymore." says Rense. "They don't have much of a chance. How can you wake someone up when there's nobody home?"
"I call this the 'Age of Irrationalism'; there is very little pragmatic, critical thinking performed by the mass of America. There are irrational responses because we are a reactive society. People react to stimuli - that's the big game. They react to the images and sounds."
And not just random images or sound - but ones engineered to cultivate a response, most often a "buy" response. That same aim at demographic slices of our culture in the mass media news has even occurred in our public schools. Free classroom materials are produced by 64 percent of the 500 largest American industrial corporations. It's no surpirse these "learning" materials concentrate on nutrition, energy, environment, and economics - almost all supplied by industries with a stake in their own answer to the problems posed in the materials.
According to Rense, it gets even worse. Not only is the message engineered to elicit a response, but it's fed to viewers who are in "a trance-like alpha state induced by the flicker of the television broadcast signal."
"It's been demonstrated that well within two minutes of watching television, most people enter a hypnotic alpha state bordering on theta. Viewers in this state are no longer able to critically evaluate, discern, or pass judgement from their own moral database on the material being viewed. The information just flows, unimpeded, into their subconscious year in and year out." said Rense.
"Children watch violence and about every negative thing you can imagine and it all goes right into the psyche where it is permanently stored. By the time most of our young people are 16, they've witnessed 8000 violent murders, and about 200,000 violent injuries on television - and each one of those events has now become a part of that child's subconscious mind."
"Add to that this new era of 'non-accountability' and you've got massive problems. Few people feel responsible any longer - it's always someone else's fault. So you have irrationality and non-accountability, and gross social irresponsibility. Combine all of that with the mass social mind control perpetrated by the monopolies behind television and the mass media, and, whether it's intentional or accidental, you have almost complete control of a society and its people.
According to Rense, practice for eventual participation in all that subconscious violence is being performed by millions of children every day - via violent video and computer games.
"Children are no longer passively watching violence and death and negativity, the are actually participating in a virtual sense, they are killing and maiming and destroying in video games in a virtual reality."
So where's the line between virtual and real killing? Rense feels that line has been, and is being, crossed often - as demonstrated by the spate of recent school shootings and mass killings.
"People see violence as a solution to crisis and stress. So it's no wonder there's so much decay and grief in America."
Proving this out, Rense challenges us to "Watch the average children's programming on Saturday morning. Within one single 30-second commercial there are routinely over 50 different scenes of light-speed, amphetamine-like video and video stimulation. Each commercial is aimed at cracking into that child's subconscious. So now if you put that same child alone in a room with a book, they want out fast - most don't know how to read and are uncomfortable being alone with themselves; they just want to get back to the incredible pacing...it's a drug."
Despite the plethora of guests and the wide range of topics, when asked what he personally feels is the greatest cause for concern in our culture, Rense's response is less conspiratorial than mundane. The answer?
"The loss of our individuality and our ability to critically think about and evaluate what we're seeing and experiencing." said Rense.
Coming from a man who, on a daily basis, tries to keep our minds open to realities considered taboo by the mainstream media, that answer is no surprise indeed.
This feature article appeared in the Whole Life Times, September, 1999. Kennedy Grey is a writer living in Los Angeles. His work has appeared in WIRED, Red Herring, and Marketing Computers magazine.
The Jeff Rense Program
Powerful Prime Time Ratings - Remarkable Praise
An Arbitron 20 SHARE Winner!
The Jeff Rense Program continues to draw stellar Arbitron ratings for its affiliate stations. Fall 2006 Arbitron numbers, for example, show prime time listeners in Scranton, PA (#53 Market) gave Jeff a dominating 14 SHARE of the audience.
Two earlier examples from the Arbitron Ratings: KSYG-FM 103.7 (100,000 watts) in Little Rock was #1 in its evening market with Jeff pulling as high as a knockout 17 SHARE and Jeff led KTMS AM 990 in Santa Barbara - after only one full Arbitron book - to an overall #1 in the evening prime time 7-12 midnight time block with a stunning 20 SHARE in a market of 13 stations. What makes these ratings even more remarkable is that they occur during the weekday evening 7pm-1am time block against maximum network competition and not during the overnight hours.
"Astounding information! We get as many calls as our number one daytime show, Don Imus. We have deliberately selected shows that shy away from 'discussion' of the issues of the day (yawn) and look for shows that are 'in your face.' You consistently amaze me how, night after night, you can present such dramatic revelations. Thanks for making our nights every bit as provocative and controversial as our daytime programming."
-- KOTK 1080 AM Portland, OR
"Tell the Program Directors you speak with to grab their listeners and give them what they want: Jeff Rense! This is the ONLY program available from 10 PM to 1 AM Eastern that counter programs everything on the air. The content is fresh, entertaining, and sometimes unbelievable. Jeff often strides into the same territory as Orson Welles' 'War Of The Worlds' and our listeners are captivated by the story-telling."
-- KRKO 1380 AM Seattle-Everett, WA
"Jeff Rense is one of the most fascinating and informative talk show hosts to ever hit the airwaves. With Jeff, we are now number one in evening prime time with a 17 Share. He's a real audience builder!" --B. Jay Kaplan, Program Director. "Jeff Rense has the most unique program in radio, there is nothing else like it."
--KSYG 103.7 FM Little Rock, AR
"This guy is great! Jeff Rense is a refreshing, invigorating talent who covers ALL the bases that any great national show could. Amazing content! Our listeners are demanding more!"
--KTKK 630 AM Salt Lake City, UT
"We love this show! Our Arbitron numbers are way up with the addition of Jeff's program to our evening line-up! We are really happy with how he has begun to deliver the 18-49 audience which is where I want to take our station."
--KCOL 1410 AM Ft. Collins, CO
"A truly great program! Jeff Rense has taken us to the number one evening position in our market. He scored a stunning Spring Arbitron 20 Share for Persons 25-54 in his prime time evening time period. No other program even comes close to providing listeners with such thought provoking material!"
--KTMS 990 AM Santa Barbara, CA

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