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April 20, 2010 15:52

Adam Ant collaborating with 'member of Oasis' on new album?

Plus Ant tells NME.COM he wants to release a Malcolm McLaren tribute single

Adam Ant collaborating with 'member of Oasis' on new album?

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Adam Ant has confirmed to NME.COM that he is working on his first album in 15 years, and that an ex-Oasis member reportedly plays on it.

The album, which will be named 'Adam Ant Is The Blueblack Hussar in Marrying The Gunner's Daughter', also features collaborations with former 3 Colours Red guitarist Chris McCormack and Ant's long-time songwriting partner Marco Pirroni.

He said that "one of the songs features a member of Oasis". Morrissey's writing partner Boz Boorer is also understood to have contributed to the album.

According to Ant, the album is a "live record that lends itself to performance" and will feature a "kind of concept. It's a very old fashioned, old school, step-by-step album".

In addition, Ant has recorded a song in tribute to the late Sex Pistols manager Malcolm McLaren, who died earlier this month, and who also once managed Adam & The Ants.

Named 'Who's A Goofy Bunny Then?', the track was only previously available as a demo recorded in the early '80s, but Ant says he wants to release a new version in tribute to the late punk manager.

"Malcolm was a sort of mentor in my life" he explained. "As close as you can get to a surrogate father."

The song takes its name from a term of endearment bestowed upon McLaren by Ant - referring to his "quite prominent teeth".

Meanwhile, Ant admitted that he still has "a whole bunch" of demos from the early part of his career that he is considering revisiting and recording properly now.

"[There are] literally about a hundred songs done on a four-track and I use them whenever I can," he explained. "There was a whole album before 'Dirk Wears White Sox' (1979 debut album) that never really came out, but I've still got the masters. It's a labour of love, this catalogue. To get rid of it would be like giving away something John Lennon and Paul McCartney banged out in a night in a pub in Liverpool. I think it's your duty to catalogue your work."

Adam Ant's last solo album, 'Wonderful', was released in 1995.

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