Nearly ten years ago, Natalia Linichuk convinced Anjelika Krylova to end her partnership with Vladimir Fedorov and pursue a future skating with Oleg Ovsyannikov. Ovsyannikov, one of the last students of Liudmila Pakhomova had chosen skating over ballet college (Bolshoi Theater) at an earlier age due to Pahkhomova's encouragement to continue skating.

A career jewelled with a silver medal finish at the 1998 Olympic Games and two World Championship titles in 1998 and 1999 ended in fall 1999 when Krylova's recurring back injury forced the duo to take an indefinite break.

Anjelika and Oleg returned to the competitive scene as professionals in winter 2000.

Skating to a revised version of Carmina Burana (their intended free program for the previous season) and a new Cleopatra and Caesar artistic program, they finished second at the World Professional Championships. A year later, they won the 2001 American Open and the Hallmark Professional Figure Skaters Championship.

Anjelika and Oleg welcome you to their web site.

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Photos from Cleopatra & Caesar by Michelle Wojdyla. Carmina photo by Rebecca Patrick. Inset photo from K&O.