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John Kerry riding in the Pan Mass Challenge in 2007For everyone I know, the fight against cancer has a familiar face.  I beat prostate cancer, the same disease that took my father from our family, and most recently wife Teresa has battled breast cancer with great grace. The last year has left us with a renewed and profound respect for the dedication of the caregivers who give so much of themselves for their patients.

Helping those who are working for a cure is why I am again riding in the 110-mile PanMassChallenge, and why I'm asking you to help. Please donate to support the Jimmy Fund here, and help the fight against cancer.

Over the years, we've seen amazing advances made possible through research supported by the Jimmy Fund - so that today cancer diagnoses that used to be a death sentence can now be treated and in some cases cured, and as treatment options become more varied and new, less invasive options have been discovered. We are making progress, and millions of families are thankful for that, but we still have a long way to go, and we need to keep pushing the boundaries to save lives and at long last make cancer history.

John Kerry


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