• Appeared in:
  • Homeworld:
  • Species:
  • Gender:
  • Size:
    1.65 meters
  • Weapon:
    royal pistol
  • Affiliation:
    The Naboo

From the Movies

Sabé is the most important of Queen Amidala's royal retinue of handmaidens. During crisis situations, Sab? and Amidala switch roles. Sab? becomes a decoy, disguised as the Queen, while Amidala adopts a simple gown of a handmaiden, and goes by her less formal name of Padmé Naberrie. When in this role, Sabé and Padmé secretly communicate with subtle signals as to not divulge their true identities. During the Trade Federation invasion of Naboo, Sab? posed as the Queen on several occasions.

From the Expanded Universe

The Queen decoy gambit was devised by Captain Panaka, who oversaw the training of Queen Amidala and her handmaidens.

Behind the Scenes

The Queen's battle dress, originally designed for Amidala by Iain McCaig, ended up being worn by Sabé during the end battle sequences. Since Sabé and Padmé would switch roles often during the movie, the Queen's wardrobe was designed with an eye toward concealing any hints of size, shape or age which would make the disguise work all the better. Sabé was played by actress Keira Knightley in one of her first big screen roles.

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