Nevada Passes Law Authorizing Driverless Cars

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The State of Nevada just passed Assembly Bill No. 511 which, among other things, authorizes the Department of Transportation to develop rules and regulations governing the use of driverless cars, such as Google’s concept car, on its roads.

As Stanford Professor Ryan Calo notes, this is a big step forward in ensuring that safe, driverless cars become a reality.

Specifically, the law provides that the Nevada Department of Transportation “shall adopt regulations authorizing the operation of autonomous vehicles on highways within the State of Nevada.”  The law charges the Nevada DOT with setting safety and performance standards and requires it to designate areas where driverless cars may be tested. (Note that this could take some serious time: Japan, for instance, has been promising standards for personal robots for years and has yet to release them.)

You can read the full text of the law here.

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    A very interesting article indeed, but on the more humorous side what’s next? Robotic road rage? Sorry..

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    Where would a driverless car go?

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    I agree with Ryan Calo that this is a big step for this technology. But I think that the new law could have addressed more issues, such as government surveillance of autonomous cars. I discuss that here:

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