Jamillia, Queen

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    1.57 meters
  • Vehicle:
    Naboo Royal (Queen's) Starship
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From the Movies

After Queen Amidala stepped down from her position as Naboo's elected monarch, Queen Jamillia took up the crown. Like her predecessor, she is regal and dignified, though she is not as young as Padmé was during her reign.

Queen Jamillia asked Padmé to continue serving the people of Naboo. Even though she had every right to retire, Padmé agreed and became Naboo's representative in the Galactic Senate. Jamillia was personally concerned for Padmé's safety during the Separatists crisis, and helped conceal her presence on Naboo when the young Senator was hiding from would-be assassins.

From the Expanded Universe

During the Separatist crisis, millions of loyal citizens were displaced as worlds seceded from the Republic. When Coruscant began restricting immigration to better deal with port crowding and security concerns, the worlds of the Mid Rim opened up their borders. Jamillia, a compassionate ruler, loosened Naboo's immigration policies to accept the influx of refugees.

Jamillia wears many of the same symbols of office as Amidala did. Her white face paint is also decorated with the symmetrical beauty marks and the lip-dividing "scar of remembrance." Queen Jamillia's regal accent of enunciated consonants points to her roots in Naboo's southeastern regions.

Behind the Scenes

In Episode II, Queen Jamillia was played by Ayesha Dharker.

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