DAILY NEWS:  RESFEST ‘99 Lineup; Hollywood Trade Editors Moving Online

by indieWIRE (August 19, 1999)

by Eugene Hernandez/indieWIRE

>> RESFEST Unveils '99 Slate Including 3 Features and 33 Shorts

The touring RESFEST digital film festival has announced the lineup for the 1999 installment of its annual event. Over 35 projects will be showcased in four cities, kicking off next month in San Francisco (September 9 - 11) before the festival travels to Chicago (September 17 - 19), New York (October 21 - 23) and Los Angeles (November 10 - 14). Alongside screenings, the festival will offer demonstrations as well as a series of panel discussions involving digital media.

Three digitally-shot documentaries make up RESFEST's feature section, including Carter Smith's Jane's Addiction tour doc, "Three Days," Jon Reiss' rave-culture exploration, "Better Living Through Circuitry," and Jesper Jargil's on-set portrait of Lars Von Trier, "The Humiliated."

Chris Wedge's Oscar-winning short, "Bunny," will screen in the event's popular shorts program, along with "Snack and Drink," a new work by "Roadhead" creators Bob Sabiston & Tommy Pallotta, "Inner Space Dental Commando" by Syd Garon and Eric Henry, and "Protest" from Steve Katz. Also showing is "47hz" by Dave Foss, "Bad Night," by Erme Yilmaz, "Descent," by Kevin Souls, "Doug Gives A Talk On Electronics," by Richard Kenworthy,"Ground," by James Kenny, "The Littlest Robo," by Richard Kenworthy, "Masks," by Piotr Karwas, "Millennium Bug," by Lee Lanier, "More," by Mark Osborne, "Orpheus," by Rick Morris & Rebecca Mendez, "Tokitama Hustle," by Koji Morimoto and "Zero Point," by Elizabeth Daggar.

In the longform shorts category, RESFEST is showcasing Patrick Demers' "Discharge," James Sommerville's "Negative Forces, Witchcraft, and Idolatry," Meher Gourjian's "Plug," Stephen Dooher's "Searching For Carrie Fisher," and Sophie Fiennes' "Lars from 1-10."

In the Cinema Electronica section, showcasing the merging music artists and digital mediamakers in the music video format, the festival will offer two works directed by Chris Cunningham: "All is Full of Love" by Bjork and "Second Bad Vibel" by Autechre. Also in the section are Syd Garon & Eric Henry, who have a project in the shorts program. They are presenting "Turntable TV" with music by DJ Qbert. Rounding out the section are "Deadly Media" by Hexstatic, "Guns Blazing" by UNKLE and directed by Richard Kenworthy, "Music for 18 Musicians" by Steve Reich (remixed by Coldcut) and directed by Jeremy Hollister, "Teardrop" by Massive Attack" and directed by Walter Stern, "Push" from Underworld and directed by Tomato, "Rabbit in the Headlights" by UNKLE and directed by Jonathan Glazer, "People" from OS2, "Four Big Speakers" by Whatle and directed by Acne," and "Les Nuits" by Nightmares on Wax and directed by Babak.

[For more information, visit the RESFEST website:

>> Variety and Reporter Editors Head to the Internet

Two names familiar to readers of the Hollywood trades are abandoning old media for new. Andrew Hindes, former Film editor of Variety, is ankling the trade to become the VP of Content at iFilm (http://www.ifilm.net), while former Hollywood Reporter editor Alex Ben Block will become the VP & Editor-in-Chief of eStar (http://www.estar.com), a start-up web site.

Hindes, who spent four years at Variety, will supervise all editorial aspects of the iFilm site. iFilm launched five months ago as a new online streaming library for independently produced work. Variety reported today that Hindes will also be involved with business partnerships and content acquisition.

Alex Ben Block served as the Editor of The Hollywood Reporter for six years, before leaving in 1998. He will manage editorial at the new eStar celebrity site and "write columns about the careers and lives of celebrities," according to a company announcement. eStar is set to launch this winter. Block is planning to continue in his role as Business Editor of Centropolis' IF Magazine.

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