Collected comments on Optimising Compilers

Lecturer: Mr Tom Stuart

6 comments received

interest: interesting (3), exciting (3), overall - exciting.

level: about right (6), overall - about right.

coverage: slightly general (1), about right (5), overall - about right.

organisation: adequate (1), brilliant (5), overall - brilliant.

assumptions: too little (1), about right (5), overall - about right.

understanding: clear (6), overall - clear.

speed: slightly slow (1), about right (5), overall - about right.

delivery: fluent (6), overall - fluent.

notes: excellent (6), overall - excellent.

supervision: adequate (3), excellent (3), overall - excellent.


Prized Competition

excellent lecturer + excellent slides

Intresting to see what you can do to optimise things

Graphical demonstrations of algorithms


Didn't have time to have a go at the competition, otherwise would have done.

If I have to mention something, An overview to reverse engineering software in general, eg who does it and why (military etc), would be nice to know about


Well animated and well structured slides with good synchronization with speaking makes lectures really easy to follow. Most concepts are quite simple in the course, sometimes they are spelt out too much, but Mr. Stuart would generally speak fast enough it induces more amusement than discomfort.

Good course, good notes, good lectures. Nice use of powerpoint type slides.

Brilliant lectures - thanks very much!

The graphical demonstrations of algorithms made the material almost effortless to understand. I think this technique would certainly make tough subjects (e.g. Denotational Semantics) possible to fully understand