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girl phase
october 03.03
doth4x - pirokiko
Kotone and Burn
july 28.03

doth4x - pirokiko
september 26.03
doth4x - pirokiko


megatokyo (gameworld)
6.5 x 10 Caston Sketchbook

I totally lay the blame for this sketch on my reading thru the dothack 'legends of the twilight' magna. It dawned on me that there was something really odd about the Pirogoeth character as i've been drawing her. Her design was well suited to the more serious RPG / MMPORG games than the more 'cute' styled games i actually prefer. Doh. I can't believe it hadn't dawned on me before. ^^;; Anyways, i started fiddling with it, and this sketch came out pretty nice. It's pretty sketchy, and i might produce some more finished versions of this (complete with some other characters) in the near future.

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