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January 14, 2011

Episode No.: 57 (Season 3, Episode 13)
Production No.: 310 (Season 3, Episode 10)
Original Air Date: January 14, 2011

"Evil is not born, it is taught."

Written by Katie Lucas
Directed by Kyle Dunlevy

Nika Futterman as Ventress / Nightsister
Corey Burton as Count Dooku / Halsey / Nightbrother #1
Barbara Goodson as Mother Talzin / Nightsister
Clancy Brown as Savage Opress / Nightbrother #3
Dee Bradley Baker as clone troopers / Feral / Knox
Stephen Stanton as Brother Viscus / Nightbrother #2
Tom Kane as Narrator

Synopsis: When Count Dooku calls upon the Nightsisters seeking a replacement for Ventress, she and her kin seize the opportunity to exact revenge. Ventress visits the far side of Dathomir and the males of the planet seeking the most brutal and powerful warrior among them. Talzin has Asajj secretly select a warrior from the distant Nightbrother village: Savage Opress. With the power of dark magic, Talzin transforms Savage into a hulking warrior ultimately loyal to Asajj. She then delivers Opress to Dooku, where he will serve as his secret Sith apprentice in a plot to overthrow Darth Sidious.

Returning Characters: Asajj Ventress; Count Dooku; Mother Talzin; Halsey;

New Characters: Savage Opress; Feral; Brother Viscus; Knox; Clone Commander Trauma;

Worlds Visited: Dathomir, Serenno, Devaron


  • Episode Images

  • Concept Art

Secrets Revealed

  • As he did in "Nightsisters," Dooku makes mention of an old allegiance with Mother Talzin, though the full nature of this association has yet to be revealed. "Long ago," presumably when he was a Jedi, Dooku helped Talzin out of some manner of predicament. Given Talzin's penchant for long-term planning, she may have been concocting this scheme since that day.

  • Talzin offers Dooku a rejuvenating beverage of blackroot. Fans of Willow will remember that blackroot puts hair on your chest, but you should never ever feed it to an infant. If that means nothing to you, then see the movie.

  • The Zabrak species, represented in Star Wars by such memorable characters as Darth Maul, Eeth Koth and Sugi the bounty hunter, are a culture that has spread across the galaxy. Though many hail from Iridonia, their wide colonization efforts mean that many only associate themselves with the colony world of their birth. In the case of Maul's people, these Zabrak call Dathomir home.

  • When Maul first appeared, his striking striped patterning was quickly assumed to be an example of Sith heritage by many artists and writers. They are not exclusive or even derived from Sith, but are instead the markings of a warrior.

  • The look of a shirtless Darth Maul was first developed by concept artist Iain McCaig when the need arose to illustrate Maul for a Dark Horse Comics comic book. That design has since appeared in action figures. It defined the look of the shirtless Nightbrothers in this episode.

  • Aside from Feral, Viscus and Savage, none of the other Nightbrothers are named in the script.

  • The Nightsister incantation that empowers Savage is as follows:

    Geiss kan erde mak / harden ob stein
    geiss kan lewf mak / krig ob blitz
    geiss kan pire mak / blud loge raga
    geiss kan vass byn / skol zum Asajj
    erde-blitz-raga-byn / ede-blitz raga byn
    erde-blitz-raga-byn, zum Asajj!

  • Savage's body armor is based on Roman armor, with thin metal plates that slide over each other for a greater range of movement.

  • According to concept art, Savage's spear can fire its tip .
  • Jedi Halsey previously appeared in the background of the Season Two episode, "Grievous Intrigue." Concept art at the time identified him as Jayfo Ong, and he later became known as Tukker Val Loo and Lev'loa before his final name, Halsey, was settled upon. The name is spoken aloud in the next episode, "Witches of the Mist."

  • Halsey and Knox re-use existing character geometry, but with newly textured finishes. Halsey is made up of Kit Fisto's body, while Knox's body is that of Bolla Ropal.

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