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Event Profile: #smdayBUF & #smdayBUF 2.0

August 12, 2010
by CityLoveBuffalo

Randomly, and wonderfully, ….I joined a fun group of ‘civic entrepreneurs’ that wanted to sponsor an event celebrating the different ways in which SOCIAL MEDIA has transformed how communities form and interact. We met, many of us for the first time, at a “Lord-of-the-Flies” style meeting at Founding Fathers’ Pub. [Keith, Katie, Patrick, Amber, Will, Loren, Tony.....and #smdayBUF was organically born.]

The Glue that Binds Us......Do you know about a #hashtag on Twitter?

The original date, June 30, 2010 was dubbed by as “Social Media Day.” The Buffalo Event was held at Merge Restaurant on Delaware Avenue. The event had music, photographers, and approximately (20) donations from small businesses and entrepreneurs in the community. There was no charge for the event and attendees were eligible to pick from the available door prizes. Many friends took photos. Block Club Pics & Clark Dever Photography.

If you #smdayBUF....your message goes to the live feed

Wait….There’s More!

The #smdayBUF’ers agreed we could/should/would throw another party approximatley one month later. djlopro and I got to promote the event and SOCIAL MEDIA on WKBW Ch.7′s “Good Morning WNY”.

Watch the 5:00 Minute Segment Here through WKBW!

Loren & Tony on WKBW Ch7 with Bridget Blythe

It was great to meet Bridget Blythe and Mike Randall. They have a competition for Facebook Friends, so that is why Mike was teasing us for helping Bridget. We were up early that day, but we had a lot of fun.

Next Up, Party Time = #smdayBUF 2.0. This time, we had drink specials and a beautiful sunset at Templeton Landing.

(from left: Keith, Katherine, Ashlei, Ryan)

View Adrian Roselli’s Event Photos.

Stay tuned for #smdayBUF 3.0 (tba….someday) We are looking for venues, ideas, and sponsorships to support the ongoing development of the Social Media Community In Buffalo. Contact Tony CityLove or @smdayBUF or any of the original (7) for more info.

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  1. August 13, 2010 3:57 am

    I also took photos of the Templeton Landing . You can view them here:

  2. nicoleshoe permalink
    August 12, 2010 12:55 pm

    Hi Tony, I’d love to coordinate with everyone to make this a Social Media Club Buffalo co-sponsored event as well.

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