Leninade: the soft drink of communistic nostalgia

Leninade is a lemonade soda made by Mr. Yin and Mr. Yang LLC in 2002 that is served in an old fashioned glass bottle.

The bottle’s label is red with labels showing either an image of Vladimir Lenin or of the Communist hammer and sickle, with a yellow star on the pop top, as well as several slogans in yellow text. The slogans make fun of old Soviet propaganda and contain wordplay such as “Get Hammered & Sickled”, “A Taste Worth Standing in Line For”, “Drink Comrade! Drink! It’s This or the Gulag!”, and “Surprisingly Satisfying Soviet Refreshment” (a play on the Cyrillic letters CCCP, the abbreviation for the Soviet Union).

The soda itself is also colored deep red (in many photos online it appears pink, a traditional color of regular lemonade) and is carbonated. It has approximately 38 grams of sugar (all cane sugar, according to the label) and about 150 calories per serving.


24 July 2008