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Greg Herbold (nicknamed HB) cut the course in the first mountain bike DH World Championships to take the win in Durango CO, circa 1990  

It was the beginning of a career of 1. telling people he is a World Champion 2. perpetuating mountain bike stereotypes with a Pauly-Shore-if-he-starred-in-"Rad" persona and 3. Getting paid to be slow on a bike. This is not debatable, according to most industry insiders. Greg helped design the course, many claim to have seen him cut it (I did not), and it was in an era where it was not unheard of for a mechanic to be up on course moving a marker for his rider. Why devote a site to it? Because fuck him that's why. And because this site isn't all about HB. It's about all of the bullshit we see in press releases and hear about in the media that we know the real story behind. The authors of this site are anonymous on purpose: we want to tell the truth but we also want to keep our jobs. Sure, I run the thing, but this is a co-op, so if you have anything worth adding, email me at postonHBcutthecourse@gmail.com

Also, be sure to check out the "Blog" portion of this site. The tab is at the top and tends to get overlooked.

Update: OK, so the other day a fellow tried to make the case that HB did not, indeed, cut the course. After careful consideration I have blown three holes in his argument:

This person is foreign

This person was not from America, and

These colors don’t run


This site does not promote prejudice in any way and embraces all, but since none of his points seem to hold water, we do not see a compelling reason to change our entire premise.

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