story is set in Santa’s Evil Lair, where the elves don’t groom the reindeer – they eat them. The Patriarch is clearly missing his happy family Christmas and has created his own little grotto, complete with elves, ginger-bread men, reindeer and even Jack Frost, so that all the little boys and girls can come to visit. Of course, in the Killing Floor universe, the boys who come to visit are all carrying shotguns, automatic weapons, explosives and flamethrowers. And the baddest Santa of them all is fighting alongside you.

And the moral of our story: there is a brand new map for Killing Floor – Santa’s Evil Lair – created specially for the Twisted Christmas event. Think of a Horzine facility gone all Christmassy. Why a Horzine facility would be nicely decorated for the holidays is anyone’s guess. But we know that the head honcho at Horzine was losing it anyway.

To complement the wonderful look of the map, the Horzine cloning facilities have been changed up to produce Christmas-themed versions of the standard specimens. So now, in place of your average knife-wielding homicidal Gorefast, you have a knife-wielding homicidal Gingerfast. Add a cute Nutcracker Suite theme to the Fleshpound and you have a…. Nutpound? Obviously you need reindeer for Santa, so the Crawlers have been converted to Rudolph the Red-Nosed Crawlers. In amongst the rest, you’ll find Mrs. Claws, Elves and even Jack Frost. But the best thing to do, of course, is to get in there and take a look for yourself. Just don’t hang around gawping, or you’ll have to face the shame and embarrassment of being disemboweled by Santa’s Little Helper. And don’t get fooled by the cute new voices Horzine have given their specimens: they do NOT wish you all a happy holiday!

It wouldn’t be Killing Floor without a suitable set of new achievements, of course. So we’ve added ones for the new map (including for the newly-introduced “Hell on Earth” difficulty level), plus a batch of Christmas pecials and a whole pile of other achievements to double the achievement count to nearly 130! You can get working on “Not So Silent Night”, “Toasted Jack Frost” and “That’s Not Santa!” just for a start. There are 13 in all. If you can get 10 of the 13 Christmas achievements, plus beat Santa's Evil lair on any difficulty beyond easy, you’ll unlock a special Twisted Christmas achievement: “Bad Santa”, with a present from Tripwire Interactive attached - a special playable character, the Baddest Santa. If you’ve been good enough. Bad enough? Whichever – you get the idea.

If all of that weren't enough there is even more. As part of the Twisted Christmas event the worlds of Killing Floor and Team Fortress 2 are colliding in a special promotion. Everyone who owns both Killing Floor and Team Fortress 2 will now get a playable red or blue "The Pyro" character from TF2 recreated in the Killing Floor art style! But wait there's is more - everyone that owns TF2 and either already owns or purchases Killing Floor before the event ends will receive a special item in Team Fortress 2: Mr Fosters Gasmask and Tie equippable on the Pyro! This item is only available until the end of the Twisted Christmas event on January 4th so act now!

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