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“Death is the test of the meaning of life.

If death is devoid of meaning, then life is absurd…”

Rabbi Abraham Joshua Heschel

Just as there is a Jewish way of life, so is there a Jewish way of death. That same philosophy of life which endows all people with dignity and respect also teaches us to honor our loved ones and at the time of their death to treat them with reverence.  Adherence to Jewish law and tradition is the desire of all; however lack of knowledge or advice from well meaning friends and family, based on superstition, local custom or improper interpretation of the law have caused a violation of Jewish tradition.

The rabbi is the final authority on Jewish ritual and will counsel you on all matters relating to the proper procedures.

This booklet has been prepared to assist you when the need arises during a very difficult and painful tie in your life. The United Synagogue hopes we can be of some comfort to you during this time.

The Midwest Region, in accordance with Jewish tradition, has over the last years reached out in comfort to many bereaved Chicago area families by offering a United Synagogue Funeral Plan. What follows is a brief review of the Plan which reflects the sensitivity our tradition displays towards mourning and the bereaved.


    To assure that Jewish funerals reflect the dignity and sanctity of Jewish tradition, according maximum honor to the deceased.

To allow all components, including the pre-selected casket, to be ordered by one call to a participating funeral director without the neces­sity of visiting the funeral home or the casket showroom

To establish a pre-determined price for uniform service rendered by the funeral director

Participating Funeral Directors

195 N. Buffalo Grove Rd. Buffalo Grove, IL  60089  847.229.8822 Fax 847.229.1188

5206 N. Broadway Chicago, IL  60640  773.561.4740 Fax 773.561.5028
9200 Skokie Blvd. Skokie IL  60077 
547.679.4740  Fax 547.674.5900

Funeral Planning Center
1018 Rand Rd. Arlington Heights, IL  60004  847.255.1800 Fax 847.255.1848

1700 W. Rand Rd (at Rte. 53) Arlington Heights, IL  60004  8
47.255.3520· Fax 847.394.5460

111 Skokie Blvd. Wilmette, IL  60091  847.256.5700 Fax 847.256.3722
1300 W. Devon Ave. Chicago, IL  60660  773.761.2400 Fax 773.764.3000

Resource Center
1649 Buffalo Grove Rd. Buffalo Grove, IL 60059  587.415.2200. Fax 847.415.2100

 **FURTH &COMPANY - same as Piser Chapels

 ** Member Jewish Funeral Directors Association

Who Is Eligible

United Synagogue congregants and their primary relatives spouse, parent, sibling, and child.


One call to a participating funeral director requesting the United Synagogue Funeral Plan is all that is necessary. The call may be made by the rabbi (first choice), the cantor, executive director, ritual chairman, or a member of the family. It is required that the deceased must have Tahara (ritual washing) Tachrichim (shrouds) and an all-wood casket; if any one of these conditions is not met, then the plan is no longer avail able.

Included in the Cost

  • Removal of the deceased

  • Pre-selected traditional all-wood casket

  • Tachrichim(Muslin Shroud)

  • Professional service of funeral director and staff

  • Use of facilities and hearse

  • Register book and shiva package

 Essential Elements of the Plan

  • An all-wood casket 

  • Casket will remain closed

  • No embalming or cosmetology

  •  *Tahara (ritual washing)

  • Tachrichim (shrouds)

*There is an extra charge for tahara as follows:

CRC sanctioned tahara is $200 (may be more at Chicago Jewish Funerals)

Jewish Sacred Society is by contribution

Shomrim (guards)

The funeral director will assist in arranging for shomrim. When shomrim are present, a cash fee or a check to them at the time of the service is required, $8 per hour, 12 hours minimum.

The Casket

The committee has selected a traditional all-wood casket with handles.

CJF               dull walnut stained poplar, semi-oval top

Shalom         stained poplar fluted finish, oval top

Piser             stained poplar finish oval top

Weinstein     walnut stained pine, oval top


The total cost is for items listed in the plan including casket. Cost does not include sales tax.

Chicago Jewish Funerals (CJF) $3,475 - graveside or synagogue
$3,770 - chapel
Piser Funeral Services   $3,415 graveside
$3,750 - chapel or synagogue
Shalom Memorial Funerals $3,235 - graveside or synagogue
Weinstein Family Services $3,550 - graveside
$4,000 - chapel or synagogue

What the Plan Does Not Include

All cemetery costs, including grave, opening of grave and vault. Also, death notices, certified copies of death certificates, limousine, charges for shomrim, honoraria to clergy or any other third party and taxes.


CJF:  $395 for each                        Shalom:            $375 for each

Piser: $345 for each                       Weinstein:        $350 for each


Charges for Sunday and Legal Holidays


CJF:                $600 each + $205 for hearse

Shalom:          $570 each +$195 for hearse

Piser:              $535 each +$190 for hearse

Weinstein:      $525 first + $175 for hearse

                        $570 for additional limo

Professional Services of a Director

CJF:   0                       Shalom:         0

Piser:  $450               Weinstein       $400

If you have any questions please call the Midwest Region at 847.714.9150.