International Affiliates


The Acton Institute seeks to articulate a vision of society that is both free and virtuous, grounded in a commitment to human liberty and guided by religious principles, the end of which is human flourishing. We believe that free and virtuous societies reflect the nature of the human person, a nature that transcends time, place, and culture. Acton believes that, given certain conditions, free and virtuous societies are capable of emerging throughout the world.


The Acton Institute is committed to spreading its message of freedom and virtue, not least becausefree and virtuous societiesmutually reinforce each other. Acton does so according to the principle of subsidiary: it assists those who share Acton's specific vision and want to spread this message throughout their own nations through their own organizations, methods, andsupport base.


The Acton Institute seeks to achieve this end by:

  • Conducting its own conferencesin countries to which it is invited.
  • Conducting joint conferences with like-minded organizations in host countries.
  • Conducting lecture tours by Acton staff in host countries.
  • Assisting like-minded individuals and organizations to create the intellectual content, the institutional and financial structures, and web-resourcesthat they require to achieve their mission.


The Acton Institute has established relationships with several international affiliate organizations thatshare our mission and seek to promote the ideas of the Acton Institute. The Affiliates are independent organizations that work with Acton to promote the ideas of a free and virtuous society in their own countries and within their own cultural context.

Currently, the Acton Institute has four International Affiliates:

Centro Interdisciplinar de Etica e Economica Personalista (CIEEP)

Caixa Postal 7007
Cep 20230-972
Rio de Janeiro

Europa Institut

Rossauer Lände 25/24
A-1090 Vienna

Institute for the Study of Human Dignity and Economic Freedom

PO Box 20181

Instituto Acton Argentina

Buenos Aires

For more information about the International Affiliates, please e-mail Charissa Romens, International Programs Coordinator.