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Linens 'n Things Reopens Online

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sateen-stripe-comforter-and-310-thread-count-sheet-set-collection[1].jpgA few months ago, the Linens 'n Things chain liquidated merchandise and closed all its stores. Now the company is back with a brand new online presence. features the same type of stock as the brick-and-mortar stores, including bedding, bath, kitchen, small electronics and home decor items. The site also features deep discounts on a changing mix of merchandise in its "Hot Deals" and "Clearance" sections. Savings can run as high as 80 percent. Current bargains include comforter sets from $69.99, towels from $1.99 and Egyptian cotton, 1020 threat count sheets sets, regularly $900 to $100, for $179 to $199. Spend $150 and you'll get free shipping.


Great! Hire people who really care about the company and return with better ideas, better product. I a routing for Lnt.

Just wondering.....I still have a Linen'n Things merchandise dredit card. Is there any way I can use that on line now?

Emily Dillard

I too, have a merchandise credit card. Can this be used on any Lnt purchases?

I was given a set of 4 bed risers from Linens and Things last Christmas, but they are not something I need. I discovered them in my closet this week and was going to return them to the store but the store no longer exists here in Chattanooga. Is there some way that I can return these as they are taking up room in my little closet and I don't need them. I suspect my son and wife did a lot of shopping at the store before they closed. Please advise me as to what to do. Thank you, Janis Walter

I have a LNT gift card and was not aware of the store closing and have not redeemed the card. Is there anyway I can redeem this card for your merchandise? Please contact me with this information.

I have a gift cerficate from linens and things. Our the store on Staten Island has closed.Can I use it on line?

Hi, Is the corporate office still in NJ? or has it moved with the re-opening online store only?

From their new website,, FAQs:

LNT Credit Cards
LNT Credit Cards are no longer accepted on If you are a card holder of an LNT Credit Card please visit for more information. You may also dial (toll-free) 1-866-568-4464 to speak with an LNT Credit Card specialist.

LNT Gift Cards
We are sorry, but we cannot accept gift cards issued by Linens N’ Things (“LNT”) prior to February 15. 2009. As you may be aware, Linens N’ Things and its related affiliates (“LNT”) filed for bankruptcy in the United States Bankruptcy Court for the District of Delaware on May 2, 2008. On February 15, 2009, LNT Acquisition, LLC, the owner and operator of this website, purchased certain assets of LNT, including the brand name and the website. We understand that all liabilities of LNT arising prior to that date, including gift certificates and other customer credits, remained with the bankruptcy estate of LNT. If you have any questions regarding your rights with respect to gift certificates issued prior to February 15, 2009, you should consult with an attorney. Information regarding the LNT bankruptcy case can be found at:

I was a Department manager for linens n Things in Dedham MA. Now that the company has gone out of business , I find myself wishing that I still had my job. Linens n Things was a great company to work for and I have been hard pressed to find another company that treats its employees in a fashion even close to the way LNT did. In fact, LNT was the best retail working experience I ever had. I am excited to see that LNT has not DIED completely and exists here on line. Does anyone know if there is even a remote chance that my beloved store ( LNT ) will ever return to the consumer as a retail Chain? I was a devoted employee, are there jobs working for LNT online services?

I ordered more than $100 of products from the new online Linens 'n Things. The product has never arrived. When I check order status online, it indicates that the items were delivered. They were NEVER delivered -- even UPS denies the tracking number. I've called LNT at least 10 times, never reach a human, just voicemail. I've sent at least eight e-mails to their customer service e-mail address. No response. This is a scam, folks, or just REALLLLLY bad customer service. Beware.

I too ordered something online over a month ago, was charged for it, and have yet to recieve it. I have called and left voicemails and left emails and NOONE has responded. LNT ONLINE IS A SCAM!!!

I just order some items from the new LNT online store and was charged but have not received any emails or confirmation of receiving my order. I have called several times and have not been able to get in contact with a human. I have left voicemails and have sent emails but to no response. Please Beware!!!!!!!!!!!! I wish I would have seen this before they got my money!

I ordered from, and have had the same experience...AWFUL! I got some of the items, but not all that I ordered. I call and email, and no response. I try to report them to the Better Business Bureau, but there is no physical address for them. Does anyone know where they are located now?

I recently ordered a few items online and tried to contact the phone number listed for status of my pending order. There is no customer service representative available on any of the options. May need to call my credit card co to see whether I've been charged.

OK, heres an update. I did manage to talk to an LNT rep. Remember they are on PST M-F 9am onwards. I cancelled my order since my card has not been charged. Rep said something about warehouses still be organized to deal with shipping and delays therefore expected. Shopped a lot at LNT before. A pity its come to this state !

Thanks so much for the update. A number of readers have had problems with this site. I've been trying to reach them with no luck so far.

Here's another update. I cancelled my order (since I had no clue when the item would ship) but lnt shipped the item anyway. I liked the item and kept it (and paid for it). Moral of the story- try shopping for something small when buying stuff online before you go on to a big ticket item. That way you can verify customer service, shipping etc.

I received one out of 4 items ordered and the item I received was wrong. Maybe one of you ordered King Size blue Sheets by Laura Ashley. If you placed an order for this item maybe you received my Mocha Duvet Set. I called like so many of you have and received no replies. I did, however, receive an email reply from customer service saying they would reply within 5 days, HAHAHA! I finally lodged a complaint with the BBB; customer service office is located at 1710 13th Street, San Diego, CA 92101. BTW, I've been charged for the wrong item but when through PayPaL. Called PayPal and suggested they call LNT. So far I haven't heard from anyone. Maybe I can sell the sheets on eBay.

This posting is for all past LNT workers and managers - during the liquidation I purchased blank label roles thinking they would work in my label printer but they do not. Can anyone identify what type of label printer LNT stores used to use? It would be a great help as I now have a ton of labels with no way to print on them.

Thank You for any response

Wish I had found this site before ordering. Ordered two items and received an email saying both had shipped under one tracking number. Only the smaller, less expensive item was delivered with that tracking number. Have not been able to speak to a human during normal business hours. Phone messages and emails have been ignored.

I have received numerous complaints about this site and have not been able to reach anyone from the company to speak to these issues. I'll keep trying and will post any information I receive.

I placed an order with Linens N Things on August 10 ordering 3 items. The next day I received 1 of the items. I was pleasantly surprised at how quickly the item had been shipped. I went on the Linens N Things website to inquire as to when the other 2 items would be shipped. To my surprise, the website stated that all items were delived the same day.

I have left numerous emails and phone messages (no one ever answers the phone) and have yet to receive a reply. Unfortunately, my credit card was charged for all of the items and I am now in the process of disputing the charge.

I have received a number of complaints about this site and am trying to get a response from the company.

I received the wrong order almost 3 weeks ago and was told the right order would be shipped out and I would receive a voucher so I would not have to pay to ship the wrong order back. I still have yet to receive the order. I have tried calling, only to get a machine, and I have emailed twice only to get no response. I suppose I am stuck with the shipping fee and no product. My credit card has also been charged for 2 items and I have only received one. One of which is the wrong order. I will never order from this site again and will tell anyone I know not to either!!

I had the SAME problem!!! My order took forever and so I cancelled and they shipped it 3 weeks later and charged me! This place is a joke. I cannot get ahold of a single person and have been calling for about 3 weeks.

We have had the same issues as a lot of people with We have been trying to return an item that was not what we ordered. Phone calls and e-mails have gotten us no where. We just want to return the bedding set. How hard should it be to find a return address? Plus we worry that once we do finally get to return it, will we ever see our money back? Does anyone know the return address for sending back items? Web-site searches have turned up nothing. Help!!!!!


I ordered items back in May and received all but two items that I paid for. When I looked online it showed they had been delivered. I tried to contact customer service, however it is only voicemail and no one ever calls you back or emails you. I tried the customer service email and finally received a response back in July (two months later). I was told the items were on backorder and would ship in 1-2 weeks. Waited and no packages. Tried to contact them again. After getting frustrated that no one would contact me back I pushed "1" for ordering and finally got a real person to talk to. I was told the items were still on back order and she would email me when they would ship. This was in September. It is now the end of October and I still don't have my items. I contacted them again and after receiving conflicting information from several customer service reps, I finally have been reimbursed one of the items. Only five and half months after my original order. Don't know the status of the other item. Definitely will not order from them again. The representatives I spoke to were friendly, but not worth the hassle of trying to get a hold of someone.

How interesting to find this blog. I just ordered from LNT a few days ago. I paid with Paypal, but they have not accepted my payment. I wonder if the order will go through or if I should shop somewhere else. I tried calling, and like several posts above get only the recording, and no real person. I wonder if I'll get a response - or the product I ordered?

I ordered bedding and did receive my order. However, it is not what I expected and want to return it. I went through the return process, and printed the label, and then I realized that there was an address but no City, State or Zip. I have called over and over but received no answer. I have also emailed numerous times and received to response. They do list a mailing address on their website, however, when checking it is not legit! I hope I have not lost $385.00! What a scam this is. Don't understand why BBB has not gone after them.

someone posted this address in a July 8 2009 post.
1710 13th Street, San Diego, CA 92101
I'm glad I read all the comments before I ordered some new bedding. I was hesitant to begin with.

I too have had a problem reaching LNT. No phone number is listed anywhere. I ordered bedding for a Christmas gift for my son-sports theme. Got the order yesterday and inside is a princess quilt! Only got generic response from LNT email account. Looks like I'm going to have to get another gift somewhere else and sort out with LNT...

Does anybody have a phone number for the corp office of LNT?

The LNT scam is the same crap that's going on with the website. When these companies go out of business, the brand name and websites should die with them.

It makes me sick to know people are getting scammed.

The item I received from LNT was defective, so I followed the instructions on the website to return it. I received a "confirmation for return request" by e-mail which told me to mail the item and return slip to the provided address. I sent the item to the correct address (Return# 2, 104 Parkway Dr S, Hauppauge, NY 11788) with the return slip included in the packaging. But instead of receiving my refund, the package was returned back to my address. The post office attached a sticker that said the address was "unknown". Do not order from LNT, at least until they have a valid returns system in place with a valid address.

does any of u have the LNT 1-800 customer service no.?
having problems w/ getting answers about my order. only received 2 of the 3 items. pls help. thanks.

I just got their number from the credit card company 1-800-609-9880. Apparently, no matter what you select in the options they all lead to VOICEMAIL! So frustrating!

Purchased a complete bedding set, was sent the wrong color sheets. I have emailed them twice and left a voice mail. My next step is to contact my credit card company about receiving my money back. Not sure what else to do.

Placed an order for an in-stock item on 4/5/2010. Absolutely no communications from them on the status of the order. Multiple email status requests are ignored.

Do NOT purchase anything from them online. I purchased some bath accessories and after a week of no shipping information, I found an email address to customer service (there is no phone number). I sent an email and it took them 3 days to respond to me. They then tell me that part of my order isn't in stock. I ask them if it is just back ordered and when it will be in stock and once again, I hear nothing for several days. Meanwhile, they have put the entire charge on my credit card. I finally find another way to talk to customer service (online chat) and they tell me the same thing, its out of stock and do I want to cancel my order. I'm wondering why after almost two weeks, no one has contacted me and I had to chase them down to find out what is going on with my order. I told them to cancel the order, the entire operation is shifty and its no wonder they went bankrupt. I'm still waiting for confirmation that the order was canceled.

I am very dissatisfied with Linen 'n Things online store. I purchased a craft table, which was to arrive by Christmas, which it did not. We contacted the company before Christmas and were told they had out-sourced the order to a different company. They were unable to get in contact with that company and so did not know what the status of my order was. I was left in limbo for a long time. After the initial contact I have been unable to speak to a person or get a response to my emails. The product is suppose to arrive today (1/5/11).

I requested that when the order was found that the table be shipped to a different address, because the person it was purchased for would not longer be at the shipping response from the company! The email today confirms the table is being shipped to the original shipping address. I will now be responsible for getting it to a different city...

This company will have to improve it's processes or it will not survive as an online store.
I will not order from Linens 'n Things again.

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