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Product Advertising API

The Product Advertising API provides programmatic access to Amazon’s product selection and discovery functionality so that developers like you can advertise Amazon products to monetize your website.

The Product Advertising API helps you advertise Amazon products using product search and look up capability, product information and features such as Customer Reviews, Similar Products, Wish Lists and New and Used listings. You can make money using the Product Advertising API to advertise Amazon products in conjunction with the Amazon Associates program. Be sure to join the Amazon Associates program to earn up to 15% in referral fees when the users you refer to Amazon sites buy qualifying products.
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Dear Developer,

On November 8, 2010 the Reviews response group of the Product Advertising API will no longer return customer reviews content and instead will return a link to customer reviews content hosted on You will be able to display customer reviews on your site using that link. Please refer to the Product Advertising API Developer guide found here for more details. The Reviews response group will continue to function as before until November 8 and the new link to customer reviews is available to you now through the Product Advertising API as well.

We are introducing efficiency guidelines for high volume users related to API usage. These guidelines are designed to promote efficient use of the API while providing the most effective advertising functionality and feature-set for application developers like you. Starting October 15 all usage will be subject to the efficiency guidelines. In addition, due to low usage, we plan to deprecate a subset of API operations and response groups. Please refer to the "Efficiency Guidelines" and "API Changes" sections below for details on the efficiency guidelines and API operations/response groups slated for deprecation. The efficiency guidelines will be phased in over a period of three months, starting July 15, and by October 15 all usage will be subject to these guidelines.

The Product Advertising API Team.

Efficiency Guidelines
The purpose of the Product Advertising API is to advertise Amazon Products and thereby enable Associates to make money by creating Amazon advertisements and sending traffic back to Amazon. A small number of users are requesting very large amounts of product data while generating a very small amount of product sales. The Product Advertising API efficiency guidelines are designed to promote efficient use of the API. Each account used to access the Product Advertising API will be allowed an initial usage limit of 2,000 requests per hour. Each account will receive an additional 500 requests per hour (up to a maximum of 25,000 requests per hour) for every $1 of shipped item revenue driven per hour in a trailing 30-day period. Usage thresholds are recalculated daily based on revenue performance. To ensure that each account qualifies for the additional threshold increase, the URLs served by the Product Advertising API must be used when linking back to Amazon and the Associate tags used must belong to the account owner.

API Changes
Due to low usage, the Product Advertising API operations and response groups listed below will not be supported after October 15, 2010:
  • Operations: CustomerContentLookup, CustomerContentSearch, Help, ListLookup, ListSearch, TagLookup, TransactionLookup, VehiclePartLookup, VehiclePartSearch, VehicleSearch.
  • Response Group: ListmaniaLists, MerchantItemAttributes, PromotionDetails, Subjects, Tags, TagsSummary, VariationMinimum
Additionally, due to low usage, we will be discontinuing Multiple Operation Requests and the TextStream search parameter.

Learn more about the Product Advertising API through these sections.

Service Highlights

Put the Product Advertising API to work for you.
  • Access Amazon Product Selection: The Product Advertising API gives you access to Amazon’s selection of millions of products in categories such as books, music, digital downloads and electronics from,,,,, and
  • Leverage Amazon Product Discovery capabilities: The Product Advertising API lets you leverage Amazon’s customer-centric features such as Product Search, Customer Reviews, Similar Products, Accessories, Listmania Lists and more.
  • Monetize your website: The Product Advertising API allows you to include your associate tag in API requests to automatically format the URLs returned by the API to ensure that you earn referral fees when users you refer to Amazon sites buy qualifying products.



Detailed Description

How do you want to advertise Amazon products? The Product Advertising API has the features you need to advertise Amazon’s huge selection of products.

Advertise a product: Do you already know which Amazon product to advertise? Use ItemLookup requests to get product titles, links back to Amazon, image urls and prices for new, used and collectible listings on Amazon, Customer Reviews, Accessories, Similar Products and more.

Let your users search for Amazon products: Help your users find the Amazon products they are looking for by using ItemSearch requests to get results sorted by relevance, sales rank or price and grouped into user-selected bins.

Help your users discover Amazon products: Advertise Top Sellers, New Releases, Most Wished for and Most Gifted Amazon products or remind your users about their Wish Lists. Help them use Listmania lists created by other Amazon customers to find what they need.


Usage Guidelines

Please review the Product Advertising API License Agreement for details on usage guidelines, policies and requirements. Also be sure to read the Application Best Practices Guide to make sure your application is compliant, scalable, and efficient.


The Product Advertising API is brought to you by Amazon Services LLC.