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Hedy Lamarr Sues Corel
Canadian software producer Corel has been hit with a lawsuit stemming from its latest drawing program "Corel Draw 8". The software's packaging bears a computer-generated portrait of Hedy Lamarr, with which American computer artist John Corkery won the international Corel World Design Contest in December 1996. Corel has used this image since the end of 1997 to market the newly-released software.
Associated Press reported on April 7, 1998 that Miss Lamarr refused to grant Corel permission to use her likeness and sued the firm for $250,000 in damages. According to her complaint: "The plaintiff's peace of mind has been disturbed, she has been humiliated and embarrassed, her right of privacy has been violated". Corel rejected the accusations and filed a motion to dismiss the suit.
Wired News reported on November 11, 1998 that Lamarr's attorneys appeared in US District Court in Orange County, Florida on November 6 and demanded damages in the amount of $15 Million. Attorneys for Corel Corp. contested Lamarr's right to the image used. The trial was adjourned, and the next court date was set for June 1, 1999.