Local Boards

The following local boards meet within the Shire. Please refer to our Shire Calendar for information on meeting dates.  It is recommended that you contact the local community to confirm that the meetings will occur as meetings may be postponed due to cultural business or weather conditions.

For agendas and minutes of the local boards please following this link.


Chair: Raymond Reiff.
Deputy Chair: Anthony Petrick.

Members: Benny Pope, Raymond Webb, Raymond Reiff, Julius Bloomfield, Barbra Petrick, Anthony Petrick, Cr. Louis Schaber, Cr. Liz Bird


Chair: TBA
Deputy Chair: Kevin Bloomfield.

Members: Barbara Tilmouth,
Nancy Tilmouth, Joy Turner, Kevin Bloomfield, Carl Inkamala, Marlene Tilmouth- Bloomfield, Lorraine Foster, Robyn Bloomfield,
Anton Drover, Terry Drover, Clifford Tilmouth*
*still to be confirmed


Chair: Sharon Anderson-Long
Deputy Chair: Elizabeth Ross

Members: Richard Tasman, Robyn Lawson, Sharon Anderson-Long, Joe James, Robert George, Steven Patrick, Roger Jurrah, Elizabeth Ross, Mick Doolan, Doris Lewis, Lynette Tasman, Robyn Payton, Cr William Johnson, and Cr Norbert Patrick


Chair: Andrew Campbell.
Deputy Chair: Susie Stafford.

Members: Loretta Abbott, Huckitta Lynch, Ronnie McNamara, Amy Stafford, Jamsie Stafford, Peter Stafford,  Roseanne Stirling, Elizabeth Stockman, Caesar Tilmouth, Debbie Williams, Cr Adrian Dixon, Cr Martin Hagan, Cr James Glenn, and Cr Peppi Drover


Chair: Jacob Spencer.
Deputy Chair: Vacant.

Members: Ben Gallagher, Pauline Gallagher, Colin Gibson, Gayle Gibson, Micky Singleton, Desmond Williams, Cr Julie Kitson, Cr Dianne Martin, Cr Sascha McKell, Cr Ned Hargraves

Anmatjere Board (previously Ti Tree)

Chair: Rodney Baird   
Deputy Chair: James Glenn

Members: Murphy Abbott, Monty Moore, Nash Williams, Barry James, Graham Sullivan, Jimmy Haines, Raelene Kenny, Rodney Baird, Brian Choolum, Rachel Nambula, Di Woods, Hannes Rosslee, Cr Peppi Drover, Cr Adrian Dixon, Cr James Glenn, and Cr Martin Hagan


Chair: Marjorie Brown.
Deputy Chair: Kathy Walker.

Members: Marjorie Brown, Kathy Walker,  Barbara Williams, Jeanie Presley, Cr Julie Kitson, Elwyn Jurrah, Ernest Haines, and Jodie Anne Walker


Chair: Cr Martin Hagan
Deputy Chair: TBA

Members: Michael Tommy, David Stafford, Noel Heenan, Raymond Daniel, Lennis Collins, Raelene Collins, Shonelle Stafford, Adriana Collins, Dulcie Frank,Veronica Stafford, Rosina Stafford, Anselm Stafford, Cr Martin Hagan, Cr Adrian Dixon, Cr Peppi Drover, Cr James Glenn


Chair: TBA
Deputy Chair: TBA

Members:The term of this local board has expired and awaiting appointment of new board.