Mayor's Message

We are friendly and tourists by the millions are drawn to us each year. In addition, thousands of interstate families annually settle here, which makes our city the fastest growing in Australia.

We offer jobs and 'clean' industries, such as tourism, IT, education, corporate business and the marine industries.

So, as Mayor of the Gold Coast I hope to ensure we continue to develop these areas and our infrastructure such as roads, transport, education and medical needs.

Through communication and six basic principles - independence, integrity, inspiration, integration, innovation and impact – we can keep our wonderful city in top shape.

Technology, such as this website, allows us to share and access information about how our city operates, its history, infrastructure and plans for the future. Information includes everything from parks to events, news, business, planning, youth, water, making payments online and much more.

We intend to keep it up-to-date and user-friendly, and rely on you to let us know what information you need to access and in what format.

Happy surfing.