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Executive Council
    Reece Chipman
First Vice President
    Julian Rolle
Second Vice President
    Pedro Delaney
   Lambert Longley
Asst. Secretary
   Jacqueline Hunt
    Talia Sweeting
Asst. Treasurer
    Lynden Maycock


Membership & Licensing (Public Practice) & Registrar
    Julian Rolle
Public Sector & Regulators

    Cecile B. Green & Pedro Delaney
Continuing Professional Education
    Zelma Wilson
Student Education, Research & Library
    Anthony Smith
Discipline Ethics & Compliance
    Jacqueline Hunt
Website/Public Relations & Building

    Patrice Roberts
Legislative Reform & Exposure Drafts
    Lambert Longley
Small and Medium Business/SME
    Lynden Maycock
Industry Involvement/Quartly Newsletters
    Bertram Dorsette
    Peter Turnquest
Event Planning & Fundraising & Charities
    Jasmine Davis
Professional Practice
    Taila Sweeting
Legal Committee
    Pedro Delaney
IFAC & International Relations
    Reece Chipman
ICAC Relations, Grand Bahama & Family Islands
    Basil Ingraham
BICA Secretariat
   Ms.Tanya Rahming-IEO

Contact US AT:
BICA Secretariat
P.O.Box N-7037
Nassau, Bahamas
Tele: 1(242) 326-6619
Fax: 1(242) 326-6618


The Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants was incorporated on August 6, 1971. The move to form an association to oversee the development of the professional accounting industry in the Bahamas started back in 1965.

Upon completion of their professional examinations in London, England, Basil Sands, Maitland Cates and Clifford Culmer began discussions in 1965 to form an association of professional accountants in the Bahamas. Over the next several years after these three individual returned home, many others including McGregor Robertson, Ronald Atkinson, Franklyn Wilson, Don Britchford, Leslie Cropper and Barry Nottage added to the discussion. These persons eventually became an organized committee. Using information obtained from other international Institutes and their own professional experiences this Committee drafted by-laws and rules to govern the association. These by-laws would form the basis for establishing a framework that would grow into the current structure of The Bahamas Institute of Chartered Accountants.

Over the next two decades the Institute continued its growth and the advancement of public accounting in the Bahamas. The next major milestone in the Institute's history came in 1991 with the enactment of legislation that empowered the Institute to properly regulate and govern the public accounting industry.

Important Dates:

  Messrs Basil Sands, Clifford Culmer and Maitland Cates commenced the formation of BICA
August 6, 1971
  BICA was incorporated
  Mr. Basil Sands elected the first President of BICA.
  BICA became a member of the International Federation
of Accountants
  Mrs. Clarita Lockhart elected the first female President
October 28,1988
  BICA became a member of The Institute of Chartered
Accountants of The Caribbean
July 17, 1991
  The Public Accountants Act 1991 was enacted by the
Parliament of The Bahamas.


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