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How to Add Google Analytics to Your Facebook Fan Page

Classssssssss Disssssmissssed!  Always wanted to say that :)

School might be out for summer but I have a very special post this week for those still following the blog.

There has been so much controversy over the privacy of facebook traffic. These walls are about to come down. Yes, you lurkers are about to be uncovered!!!!

This article is about how GA can work with your fan page. But I am sure the practise is about to be used on simple profile pages. As is the general rule with the Internet, never ever assume privacy! Big brother is watching your every move.

So your fascinated by Facebook. You are particularly intrigued at the marketing power of this social media tool used by nearly half a billion people. You’ve created a Facebook fan page and people are frequenting your page.  But do you really know how many people visit your page, what areas are popular and what parts of the world your visitors come from?

Those of you who have a fan page on facebook probably already know about “Facebook Insights”. It shows some demographic and geographic information on your page, but is limited to information about interactions with your fans. What about those people who do not become a fan and land on your page (this is like a lurker or stalker on your profile page).

The free Google Analytics tool offers more sophisticated and comprehensive data, it will track everything, down to the IP address of the visitor.  Adding Google Analytics to your fan page can be done easily but requires some special steps.

Those of you who are more advanced have probably already tried to integrate GA codes into your profile pages or fan pages. So like me, you will have come to the following conclusion. One of the limitations of Facebook is they can only run limited JavaScript. Google Analytics needs JavaScript code included on a page to correctly track visitors in the traditional way.  However, there is a new solution.  Using free and opensource FBGAT (Facebook Google Analytics Tracker), you can get Google Analytics working on your Facebook fan page.

When you generate your GA code enter it within your Facebook Fan page using an app like Static FBML.   By simplify editing your Static FMBL pages and inserting the code, Google Analytics will track all visits to those pages.

The tracking has begun. Google Analytics will now need about 24 hours to show you a report of your visitors.

I was able to execute this tonight and wanted to share it with everyone… I already see my visits on GA. I will experiment more and write down any updates if any.

If some of you have time on your hands, try it…Let me know if you were able to pull it off.

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