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corrected lime potential

Defined as pH - 1/2p(Ca + Mg) - 1/3(pKg - pY) where Kg is the solubility product of gibbsite and Y is the value of the ionic product (Al)(OH)3 in the soil solution. The corrected lime potential (CLP) is also equal to 1/6 log [(Ca + Mg)(OH)2]3/[(Al)(OH)3]2 + KCLP, where KCLP is a constant dependent on temperature only. The CLP is therefore the ratio of the cube of the sum of the activities of Ca and Mg hydroxide to the square of the activity of Al hydroxide in the soil solution. The CLP has a relationship to the degree of base saturation based on the effective cation exchange capacity, but the pH and the lime potential do not.

See also lime potential.

potentiel de chaux corrigé Source: Research Branch, 1976
Contact: Peter Schut