Tongues, history & myths of Ascard

Ilianóre, language of the Scéaldings, is my first invented language, and I thought about adding a little more to it than just sounds and structures. Here is what I have done so far, though not everything is yet available. The table below gives an idea of the eventual and full content of this page.

  • Chapter One: The history and mythology of the Scéaldings (Updated 10-20-99)
  • Chapter Two: Ascard, the Host, land of the Scéaldings
  • Chapter Three: The history and development of Ilianóre
  • Chapter Four: Of Classical Ilianóre, as the language of King Ælfrycc III
  • Chapter Five: Of Haubergne, as the language of the last recorders of Ascard's history
  • Chapter Six: Of Mblainir, as the language of a faithful ally
  • Chapter Seven: Of Elinoire, as the language of the descendants of the Scéaldings
  • The Appendixes

This is a sample of the Hempfas, third script of the Scéaldings, though in the language called Haubergne.

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