NAWeb 1997





Acknowledgement: Thanks to all those who submitted proposals, to Hope Greenberg, Program Chair, for organising the review process, to the reviewers for their grading and comments and to those who finally submitted full papers. The 1997 papers represent an excellent cross-section of Web issues from both a national and international prespective.

A Logic Instructor Game for the Web
David Bueno, Ricardo Conejo, Alfredo Burrieza

The Electronic Text Centre at the University of New Brunswick
Alan Burk, James Kerr

User Interaction in Web-based Telelearning
Tom Calvert, Colin Ware, Jane Fritz

Web-Based Courses: The Assiniboine Model
Stephen Downes

Managing University Web Sites: Whose doing the job
Allan Ellis, Roger Debreceny

Virtual Classroom Technologies for Distance Education: The Case For Synchronous Delivery
Barry Ellis

Building a Virtual Campus: Developing the Integration of Web and MOO Environments for Distance Education
Mark Haas

But Can You Play Frisbee on the Virtual Quad? VRML Goes to College
Steven Hale

Guided Surfing: Development and Assessment of a World Wide Web Interface for an Undergraduate Psychology Class
Richard Hall

Facilitating Convergence in Asynchronous Conferencing Environments
Jim Hewitt

Issues in Designing a WEB Based Programme
Peter Holt, Charles Van Duren, Karen Stauffer, Richard Bradley, Jane Gismondi

A Systems Approach and Instructional Design Principles: Two Critical Elements for Effective WWW Courseware Development
Jerusalem Howard, Reginald Terry

webBook - Integrating content organization, presentation and services
Werner Joerg

Class management: The forgotten task
David Jones, Colin McCormack

Support systems for Web-based education: different approaches
David Jones, panelists

Navigating the Library: A Web-Based Library Instruction Tutorial
Michael Kreyche

Nailing Down the Jello: Three years of running a specialized Social Science Reference Web Site
Craig McKie

Introducing WWW Technology into Tertiary Teaching: A Personal Perspective
Richard Pascoe

Distance Education in the Negev
Natalie Pass, Barry Pass, Roni Aviram, Na'ama Bar-O

QuestWriter(TM)'s Computer-mediated Structured Communication Activities: Implementation and Application to Teaching Calculus.
Robby Robson, Dick Schori

An Interactive System For Electronic Course Delivery On The WEB
Osama Shata

Dialogue with an Expert System Through the Web
Mónica Trella, Ricardo Conejo, Jóse Luis Pérez de la Cruz

SEARCH ADVISOR: Training Internet users towards search sessions
Avgoustos Tsinakos, Konstandinos Margaritis

Designing and Implementing College-wide Web-based Course Materials: A Case Study
Jill Tuttle, Anthony Hill Simione

The Faculty Support Crisis: What Are We Going to Do About It?: A Concept Mapping Workshop
Vicki Wise