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Traditional Herbal RemediesWhat can you say when major governments act to assist counterfeiters and pirates, in violation of their own laws and policies? In the June / July Ashwin, we address the case of Jennifer Wilson  and professional FDA-snitch, George S. Ackerson, who have not only been using our registered trademark illegally (Cansema®), but now claim to be the real Alpha Omega Laboratories of Guayaquil, Ecuador -- even though they are based in Drake, NSW (Australia).

Makers of Cansema® Black Topical Salve: based on the century old escharotic formula for removing skin cancers. Money back if not satisfied. Order from our virtual store. View testimonials, both written and in streaming video.
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The health challenges of our time are largely self-inflicted - but few examples of human folly compare to the story of iodine, chlorine, and a textbook phenomenon called "halogen displacement." Fortunately, it is a problem that is cheaply and easily corrected. [Order].

How Cansema® Secured
Its Own FDA Approval
Read this eye-opening release . . . and so much more in the Ashwin archive . . . HRx is reintroduced in the October, 2009 Ashwin, along with our new Bioelectronic Therapy department . . . Read Meditopia.org on the history of Alpha Omega Labs and Cansema®.
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Alpha Omega Labs
Reopens in Ecuador
We reopened Alpha Omega Labs on June 2, 2008 and have been steadily working on adding our old formulas (and a few new ones) since.
Unless otherwise specified, products are shipped from Guayaquil, Ecuador -- at very competitive rates and delivery schedules.
Since we are able to provide a comparable product list for Cansema® Salve, CanSupport, PhytoRx, Old Amish Dewormer, Neem and Acemannan products from other vendors -- in addition to U.S. government restrictions on some products -- some of our former products are not being shipped into the United States. We will continue to ship our other available products into the United States, with the exception of H3O.
For the latest store availability, please see our order center. Our product line-up now consists of roughly 160 of the more than 350 product items (or SKU's) we carried at the time of the FDA raid. Approximately 40 additional products (including products from our old order form) are planned for release in the next 60 days.
Inquiries can be made at our email support page.


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OUR WARRANTY: Read our Warranty carefully. You are assured a complete, 100% money-back refund if you are not happy with any of the products or services we offer. No doctor, hospital or pharmacy in the world, which we are aware of, offers this kind of guarantee.

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Alternate domains: altcancer.com and herbhealers.com

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Author, Scientist & Former
NASA Astronaut
Endorses Cansema®
Cansema® is the single chapter subject in Tomorrow's Cancer Cures Today: 25 Secret Therapies From Around the World, authored by Allen Spreen, M.D. and published by Agora Publishing. It is available for sale, using the link above. Central to the chapter is an interview of Dr. Brian O'Leary about his experience with Cansema®.
See the Cansema Testimonial Page for 2008 for details about Dr. O'Leary's case.

Cansema Black       Salve
News: New products announced in October Ashwin.

Fake Product
Program Announced
The success of AO Lab products in the alternative health care community is well-established. (A Google search for Cansema® yields over 9,000 pages . . . it takes several hours just to read our four web pages of customer testimonials connected to Cansema®).
There is no success that does not attract opportunistic imitators. The legal attack against AO Labs by the FDA in 2003 attracted several such imitators. Because Cansema® has been in use since we created it in 1991 and we are the holder of the U.S. trademark, we sent polite letters to various violators to cease and desist in using our web pages, copyrighted material, and trademarks.
Our pleas have been ignored.
The most serious aspect of these violations is that the imitations don't work as well, if they work at all. They are not the original product. For a period of four years, we attempted to work with the FDA to put a stop to the fraud. We even sent them a small sampling of the hundreds of complaint letters we received.
They did nothing.
Because of the adulteration and misbranding involved in the McAdams operation -- whose primary sites are Bloodroot Products.com and RisingSun Health.com -- we can only assume that this is an FDA renegade operation is to permit, foster, and protect illegal product. By working less effectively, they will hopefully convince people that alternatives are inferior to mainstream pharmaceuticals. This would make perfectly good sense and is consistent with their overall modus operandi, as documented in numerous books by Lynne McTaggart, Leonard Horowitz, John Abramson, Joseph Mercola, John Morgenthaler -- to name just a few.
Please see our Compensation for Fake Product page if you have purchased product from the following or any other companies illegally using our trademarks, Cansema®, CanSupport (TM), Alpha Omega Labs (TM), or our domain names: altcancer.com (TM), herbhealers.com (TM), or alphaomegalabs.com (TM).

Jennifer Wilson (Australia)
George S. Ackerson
(FDA informant)

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