June 18, 2009

Steve from New Found Glory made this amazing video that pretty much sums up the whole US tour we did together. Good friends and good fun.

This blog is overdue but it’s been a crazy 5 months and I finally have some time now to sit down with a cup of coffee and put my feelings down.

We have just finished up a tour with a band called New Found Glory. The tour basically started in January and ended in June. It’s been 5 months, 10 countries, 52 cities and over 1/2 a million fans. When i say that this tour was a dream come true, I mean it on a bunch of levels. For one, NFG was a band that i grew up listening to and had a lot to do with the shaping of our band. As a matter of fact, when we recorded our first demo in 2000, we were driving to see NFG play in Long Island at a catering hall the day we recorded it. We wanted to give them a copy of the cd but it we didn’t have a name to write on it, so on the way to the show we passed by the BAYSIDE train station and said, that’s it, it’s just gonna be Bayside so that we can write something on the cd for them. other then that, when we started our band “Nothing Gold Can Stay” had just come out and it was on heavy rotation on all of our first tours and now, “Not Without a Fight” is in heavy rotation on our current tours.

NFG is a classy band, and you don’t get that enough with bands anymore. They truly care about music, about originality, about their fans, about their friends and they care about the scene and what is going to become of it. Being on tour with them was the perfect mix of being with peers and goofing off and kind of like being with statesmen who showed us how much more there is to learn about being a band. Being a band is more then just playing some songs and NFG is the whole package. From seeing them when I was 16 to seeing them everyday for 5 months all over the world, my jaw drops everytime.

We want to thank those guys so much for everything they have done for us and for being great friends that we’l have for the rest of our lives.

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    Amazing bonds I’ve grown
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    one of my fav tours of the year
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    love Bayside. Such an open...honest guy. antpants:
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    last shows. They were hyped...respected one another. I go
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    Every time I saw someone from Bayside, it made me really happy.
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    It makes me happy
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    Your awesome Anthony! miss
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    basically made Bayside...it was. Incredible.