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    Jordan 'slams new lover Alex Reid'
    Arab Herald
    Sunday 30th August, 2009  

    London, Aug 30 : Katie Price a.k.a Jordan has slammed her new lover cage-fighter Alex Reid.

    The glamour model branded Reid 'soft' and 'wimpish' before making plans to jet off to Ibiza on a family break without him.

    Jordan made the jibes after she begged him for a baby and he refused.

    The revelations came during a series of late-night phone calls between Reid, 34, and actress Yvette Rowland, who stars with him in the X-rated flick 'Killer Bitch'.

    "Jordan is completely controlling and paranoid. Alex finds her suffocating," the Daily Star quoted a source close to Rowland as saying.

    "He is trying to train for a fight but if he tries to stay in for a night she calls him soft and a wimp.

    "She says things like, 'I wish I'd never got rid of Pete' and, 'I thought Pete was bad...then I met you.'

    "When he said he did not think it was the right time to have a baby she seemed fine about it.

    "But the next day she told him he probably wasn't capable anyway because he's not man enough," the source added.

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