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About ARCO

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There is a heritage and history behind ARCO that is now a part of the American traveler’s landscape. Since the early 1970s, we have found ways to operate efficiently so that we can pass savings on to you at the pump. With a firm focus on our low-price objective, we are still committed to offering good quality gasoline, so that your vehicle performs efficiently. Indeed, good gas at a good price. More than 1,300 ARCO-branded sites currently operate in five western states: California, Nevada, Oregon, Washington and Arizona. Parent company, BP markets more than 15 billion gallons of gasoline every year to U.S. consumers through 11,000 retail outlets.

Some notable dates

1982: ARCO ends credit card sales.
1984: ARCO becomes leading gasoline marketer in the West.
1989: ARCO introduces EC-1 Regular, the nation's first environmentally engineered fuel.
1991: ARCO's emission-control gasolines are credited with removing over 100 million pounds of pollutants from Southern California air.
1994: ARCO's Los Angeles refinery completed modifications to meet federal Clean Air Act requirements for gasoline and stationary emissions.
ARCO cost reduction program announced with $400 million in annual savings (compared to 1993) by 1996.
1995: ARCO introduces the PayQuick® system, enabling customers to pay cash at the pump.
2000: BP acquires ARCO.
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