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Birdman Flies Atair Parachutes Across English Channel

BROOKLYN, NY – November 21, 2003 – Chances are, unless you were caught in a sudden media black out, you probably heard of a strange Superman like story on your local newscast this past July 31. This was no Area 51/UFO style hoax, but a spectacular and audacious stunt performed high in the skies when Austrian stuntman and skydiver, Felix Baumgartner, flew across the English Channel with nothing but a small carbon fiber wing strapped to his back and Atair parachutes to stop his hurtling 20 mile long freefall descent that reached top speeds of 220 mph!

Designed and manufactured by Atair Aerodynamics, these high-performance parachutes have won numerous awards and set world records in the parachute industry. The rigid "wing suit" was designed by inventor/engineer Alban Geissler, and the main and reserve parachutes were designed by inventors/engineers Daniel Preston and Stane Krajnc. The Skyray skyflying system is currently featured in Time Magazine under its Coolest Inventions 2003:

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November 21, 2003