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Athens Eugenides Planetarium

Athens Eugenides Planetarium

Case study

Athens' new Eugenides Planetarium is one of the largest in the world.
The new Planetarium is amphitheatrical, with a dome-shaped screen over 24 metres in diameter. The previously horizontal floor has been replaced by one with a 23.5 degree inclination. At 950 sq. m., the surface area of the new dome is three times greater than that of the old planetarium. The 280 seats are each equipped with an interactive communication facility.
The Eugenides planetarium consits of 6 doublestacked Barco 909 SEMU splitpack projectors (so in total 12 Barco 909 SEMU projecters ).

About this project

  • Dome displays
  • Planetariums
Date August, 2003
Location Athens, GREECE
BarcoReality 90912
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