Advertising in Computer Games

This is the worlds fastest growth area in Advertising. Many retailers and advertising agencies have woken up to this hugely powerful medium of advertising and are keen to use games as a medium to advertise products. This can be done passively, by having bill boards , posters or simple name sponsorship or much more in depth by having the game developed around their own characters or brand.

Example 1.    ' Discover a World of Wonder '

Ferrero, a major international chocolate manufacturer with famous brands such as Ferrero Rocher, Tic Tac, Nutella and of course Kinder Surprise, wantend us to help strengthen their foothold in the younger age group market by developing two games.

The 1st game was an educational game,' Discover a World of Wonder ' fully tailored to the National Curriculum course whilst featuring the forthcoming Kinder Surprise toy range in funny and interesting ways. This was offered and warmly received by a huge number of schools in the UK.

kinder1pc.jpg kinder_char.jpg kinder_school7.jpg kinder_school1.jpg kinder_school3.jpg kinder_school5.jpg kinder_school6.jpg kinder_school2.jpg


Example 2.    ' K.S.-n-Kickin '

The success of the educational tile cleverly acted as a springboard for new puzzle/adventure game, in which the world famous egg has 40 levels of exciting puzzles to complete, whilst listening to 6 hot music tracks licensed from the popular band ' Phats and Small '.


Obviously both Ferrero products have links to the Kinder Surprise website.  ( which we also developed! )


Example 3.    ' Habitrail Hamsterball '

One of our clients had a puzzle game similar to the mechanics of the world famous monkeyball. We spoke to the publisher and thought about the idea of using a Hamster inside the ball, which obviously is an actual commercial product. So, we did reserached the Pet accessory market and identified Rolf C. Hagen Inc. as the worlds largest privately owned pet accessory manufacturer.  They loved he idea and sponsored the product and ' Habitrail Hamsterball ' was born.

The PS2 and PC game had posters of their product range throughout the game levels and featured their main character ' Herbie ' as well as a special section promoting responsible pet ownership and links to their website.



Example 4.   Living World Racing

Rolf C. Hagen Inc. were so impressed by the Habitrail Hamsterabll that they convened a meeting with us to discuss their upcoming new product launch as they had been quietly creating a whole new brand of product called 'Living World '. This was going to be the biggest product launch since their inception and they wished us to create a completely customised game for them, incorporating 8 new characters, an animated storyline, responsible pet ownership and information section and of course a hugley playable game. The game had to be fully developed, get Sony approval, be  translated into multiple languages and  be ready for their their annual Trade Show.

We also helped design their promotional posters and competitions and they were so blown away with the quality of the game that they decided that they would buy 100,0000 copies of the PC version and create a whole new product  range of special Christmas Pet Selection Boxes. We were asked to design a stand for their annual tradeshow and did a presentation to their UK sales staff, followed by a formal presentation speech at their Annual Dinner Ball.

The product launch was hugely successful with many orders being placed at the tradeshow.

 livingworldpc_cover_reduced.jpg livingworld_boxes_reduced.jpg livingworld_website_reduced.jpg

ps2_box_art_reduced.jpg Image69_reduced.jpg Image351_reduced.jpg Image22_reduced.jpg 


If you are considering using this massive medium to promote your brand or product, then simply phone, email or write and one our Senior representatives will be able to help you immediately, under no obligations.